Why You Should Hire a French Speaking Virtual Assistant

To hire a French-speaking virtual assistant is a game-changer for your company. Savor the perks from diversity to globalization without bloating the budget.

Expanding your market beyond borders is a thing in today’s global economy. However, there are some obstacles that keep getting in the way, and the one rising above them all is the language barrier.

Thus, if you’re looking to make a scene in the French-speaking territories, you need Francophones to help you out with your daily workload.

Hello, how are you supposed to connect with your target market without them in the first place? Speaking the language of your audience is fundamental to building trust and confidence, you know.

Outside of being a communication tool, language is an excellent business strategy that will make your customers more likely to engage with your business.

That said, it’s high time you hire a French-speaking virtual assistant for your company and get on with scaling the business to a whole new level.

Don’t worry about the budget; these French-speaking digital nomads are very affordable with strong competencies to match.

Discover why working with a French-speaking remote worker is a must for your global venture.

Why Hire a French-Speaking Virtual Assistant?

The future of diverse staffing is getting brighter. Nowadays, it has become a common business practice for firms around the world looking to enter the global market.

Running at the pace of technology, more and more companies are exploring ways to stay ahead of the curve. One of those solutions is to hire a virtual assistant who can speak another language outside of English.

In this case, though, we’re looking at hiring French-speaking virtual assistants for your business needs.

As to why you should give this bilingual VA a try, here are the top reasons:

  • Increase Diversity

    When you hire a French-speaking virtual assistant, you are technically boosting your company’s representation. This is a vital step in encouraging a diverse and inclusive culture within the company.

    More than that, working with a VA is highly beneficial for your business because it enriches different viewpoints and helps you come up with fresh ideas that you would’ve never thought of yourself without another person’s rich cultural background.

    This can greatly improve many aspects of your company, especially customer service and product development.

  • Cost-Effective

    If you’re thinking adding a French-speaking virtual assistant hailing from overseas will cost you a lot of money, they are actually very affordable.

    Though the price will still depend on what services you require from them and the country they reside in, generally speaking, VAs come at a much lower cost as opposed to hiring full-timers within your area.

    For instance, a French-speaking African country has a VA rate of $3 per hour, and that comes with a flexible contract where you can decide whether to continue or stop the collaboration.

  • Expand Your Reach

    Doing business globally has its own challenges. That said, hiring a French-speaking virtual assistant when you’re expanding your business to French-speaking countries can help you bridge the gaps induced by the language and cultural divide.

    Outside of supporting your company’s global operations, VAs can help you ease communication and navigate cultural requirements. This will give you a much-needed boost to thrive in the global market.

    Sidenote: Formally, there are 29 countries that officially use French as their national language, including Canada, Belgium and Monaco.

What Skills Do French-Speaking VAs Bring to the Table?

Now that you know that hiring a French-speaking virtual assistant has huge benefits, it’s time to look at the skills and qualities they possess that make those feats possible.

Just remember, when hiring a virtual assistant, don’t go right away for the first VA you see. There are skills you need to weigh before outsourcing.

  • Top-Notch French Speaking Skills

    Of course, you are hiring them for their excellent French-speaking skills. There are many virtual assistants who reside in Malagasy that speak the language like a native speaker; you can’t even tell.

    The best part is…they don’t only speak French like a pro; they are also highly competent and cheap to hire.

  • They’re Professionals!

    At vav. asia (VAV Asia), we take pride that our French-speaking virtual assistants are professionals. They work in a positive environment where flexibility and open-mindedness are greatly encouraged in any field, including insurance, marketing, management and communication.

    That’s to say that they are well-equipped to work for any client and company across all industries.

  • Highly Collaborative

    Armed with experience, virtual assistants are knowledgeable about collaboration tools. They are team players who have no trouble fitting in and sharing ideas.

    So, if you’re working across a diverse market, you need a VA who can collaborate seamlessly with the team—even if it's remote.

    As an entrepreneur, you know all too well that being highly collaborative can result in innovative changes for your company.

How Much Should You Pay for a Virtual Assistant?

Of course, this is the question that keeps bogging entrepreneurs, prohibiting them from moving forward.

First of all, virtual assistants are recognized by the world of business as something valuable. As we mentioned, it’s hard not to fall behind in the modern-day business without remote workers backing you up.

The cost of a virtual assistant depends on several requirements: experience and skills, location and work to accomplish.

Experience and Skills

Experience and skills are the foundations that make your virtual assistant truly remarkable. With more skills and experience, they are more capable of handling any type of situation. This will open up plenty of opportunities for your business.


It’s safe to say that everybody knows the world is experiencing a huge economic gap. This means a virtual assistant may charge higher if the cost of living in his/her area is expensive.

Let’s say you are an American company, hiring French-speaking virtual assistants residing in the United States is pricier compared to a French-speaking VA from Congo.

How is this possible?

The cost of living in Congo is 14.1% lower than that of the U.S.

Now it begs the question: How Much Is a Virtual Assistant Overseas?

As we said, the price of a virtual assistant has many factors. But on average, hiring VAs from another country will cost you between $3 and $10 an hour.

If you’re looking in the West, that range is expected to rise by at least around $15 to $100 (for more qualified virtual assistants) per hour.

Work to be Done

The more complex the work, the higher the wage.

For instance, you need an expert to help build your company’s image, both online and offline. So, you decided to hire a virtual community manager with a list of comprehensive responsibilities, including order processing, planning events, helping with recruitment and retraining and assisting client requests.

With that kind of breadth and depth of the tasks at hand, it makes sense that your virtual assistant will receive a hefty payday.

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How Do I Get a Virtual Assistant for My Business?

There are two common ways that you can get a virtual assistant: via freelance marketplaces or a virtual assistant agency.

Whether you should opt to use the former or the latter, we’ll figure it out through a quick comparison.

Freelance Marketplace vs. Virtual Assistant Agency

Perhaps you would argue that hiring a VA through freelance marketplaces is less expensive. Well, you’re not wrong to think so; they are, but not in the long run.

Freelancers work with a lot of people, meaning they are prone to change, mostly leaning toward the highest bidder. Reliability will be in question and now you might have to look for another VA while leaving work hanging, which is super costly.

On the other hand, virtual assistant agencies are more consistent. They have to because they have an image to maintain and protect.

Agencies provide virtual assistants who are trained and equipped to handle whatever business-related services you need from them.

  • Why Hiring Through a Virtual Assistant Agency Makes Sense

    A virtual assistant agency does everything for you. They will work on your job requirements and proceed to do the following:

    • Training
    • Screening
    • Performance Monitoring
    • Payment Processing
    • VA Replacement Management
    • Ongoing Support

Agencies have the sort of VA you’re looking for — from a talented blog-writing virtual assistant to a virtual project manager. They gather the best remote workers around the globe, increasing your chances of finding the right VA for the right job.

Things to Ponder!

Hiring a French-speaking virtual assistant will get you closer to your business foray, which is expanding into a new market.

No matter what type of industry you are in, working with a virtual assistant is a smart investment. You can cater to a wider audience, and be productive and flexible without bloating the budget.

Don’t miss another day of opportunities; hire a French-speaking virtual assistant right now!