Find a Virtual Assistant Tailored to Your Company's Needs in Australia

With the rising demand for virtual assistant services, it’s harder to find the VA of your dreams. Partner with a recruitment agency and meet your hiring needs.

Are you looking to expand your reach to “the Land Down Under"? If you are, this blog post is going to be worth your time.

You see, as the business world shifts to working remotely, the demand for skilled remote professionals has surged dramatically.

Introducing virtual assistant—your cost-effective alternative to the traditional (and pricey) office employee.

All business sizes are very welcome to work with this very flexible and affordable remote support.

However, with VAs becoming a household name in business, landing the right talent for the right job can be a challenging task, even for an established company.

That’s where a reliable recruitment agency comes into the picture—the go-between you and your future skilled virtual assistants.

Thus, if you’re looking to make a scene in the Australian market, where the recruitment landscape is losing talent, you might want to consider bringing a reputable staffing agency on your side.

As to why we think so, read along and learn.

Trends Shaping Australia’s Recruitment Landscape

What are our thoughts on the current trends in the recruitment landscape in Australia?

Well, the unemployment rate is still groundbreaking at 3.5%. This means the economy is doing good and the demand for labor is rising. So, what seems to be the issue?

Here are the key movements shaping Australia’s employment terrain today.

  • Remote Work

    Appreciation for a remote business model was highlighted during COVID. In a way, it has become the new norm with two-fold perks: access to multinational candidates and flexible employment.

    Recruiting from anywhere becomes a necessity because feigning so would mean losing a truckload of opportunities.

  • Diversity and Inclusion

    Diversity and inclusion have taken the front seat of enticing talents worldwide and promoting a positive workplace culture, free of biases.

    In truth, many organizations in Australia are still struggling to implement strategies for inclusion and diversity, unable to create a comfortable space to work.

    One must realize that regardless of trend, a strong corporate image can provide a sense of stability and comfort for candidates throughout the hiring process.

  • Soft Skills

    What are soft skills? This term pertains to creativity, excellent communication skills and other qualities that allow a person to showcase their unique abilities.

    However, soft skills are pretty hard to measure and gauge. They require a bit of knowledge to evaluate during the recruitment process.

Where Does a Recruitment Agency Fit in Australia’s Recruitment Scenario?

Back in the old days, the role of recruiting new talents was in the hands of the employer. But people, recruitment is tedious and costly, to say the least, if you were to deal with it on your own.

Did you know that in America employers would spend thousands of dollars to close out a new position in a stretch of almost a month?

With a recruitment agency, things are handled efficiently.

Recruiting agencies are experts in attracting talent even in a very competitive job market. From start to finish, they will guide you through the process and utilize their resources just to get the best virtual assistant out there, tailor-fitted to your company’s needs.

So, How Does a Recruitment Agency Work?

An excellent recruitment agency streamlines its hiring processes and helps you find skilled virtual assistants.

Every recruitment agency works differently but typically they follow this set of steps.

  • Define Your Hiring Needs

    A recruitment agency will ponder on the gaps and roles your business needs. They will gather information, identify the soft and hard skills and work with your list of requirements to find you the ideal virtual assistant with the most potential.

  • Source Top Candidates

    This is where an agency mobilizes its industry resources such as databases and networks to search and reach candidates swiftly.

    They can even find passive candidates; the ones who couldn’t be bothered to seek any position. So, when they finally have a list of potential VA candidates for you, agencies do more filtering and screen them for interviews.

  • Interview

    The interview is the part where a recruitment agency will test a VA candidate, making sure you can work alongside them smoothly. Don’t worry, you get to participate too and feel them out yourself before extending an offer.

  • Negotiate

    Once you find that perfect virtual assistant who embodies your working style and work ethic, the recruitment agency will assist you in negotiating the contract. This includes working arrangements and compensation. By doing so, you can reach an agreement faster and encourage effective communication.

  • Onboard

    A recruitment agency will not just help you with the paperwork; they will also help you onboard your newest talent and make sure they have a quality experience.

    You might think onboarding is the easiest part of all these, but honestly, this is a critical point for your company. Effective onboarding leads to increased productivity, retention and employee engagement.

How can a Recruitment Agency Find the Virtual Assistant You’re Looking for

First of all, a recruitment agency like VAV Asia has the intangibles that allow them to locate virtual stars across the world. They have the reach, the knowledge and the tools to do so.

  • Extended Reach

    Recruitment agencies have plenty of resources to leverage. For starters, they have a much, much larger talent network.

    Unlike doing it on your own or accessing freelance marketplaces, a recruitment agency has several sources to lean on, working across time zones. Even better, they’re not intimidated to headhunt either.

    Also, it’s typical of them to woo talents from other businesses; the passive ones who do not actively search for a job role and can’t be found in your average search.

  • Profound Candidate Pool

    Here’s a scenario:

    After deliberation, you ended up with the wrong candidate while the right one you passed up was snatched away by a competitor.

    With time constraints and a lack of options, the worse happened and you went for the candidate who didn’t check all your requirements.

    If you only worked with a recruiting agency this would’ve never transpired. Recruiting experts are experts. They spend time vetting candidates and have experience, therefore, they’re much better at spotting a red flag from a mile away.

    A recruitment agency chooses talents that meet your criteria — (excuse the pun) even the ridiculous ones.

    Yes, you can be certain that you’re handed only top candidates.

  • Specialized Recruitment Knowledge

    How are you supposed to interview candidates for a position you’re not familiar with? Do you think you can land the right VA if you can’t even find your footing?

    As the business expands, your in-house recruiters might be battling with the same conundrum.

    This doesn’t happen in a recruitment agency though. This is what they do; they have staff specializing in a specific sector. Consequently, they have a profound knowledge of the skills needed for a position and spot the ones that are easily missed.

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What Sets VAV Asia Apart

While companies battle with agencies for not being transparent, at VAV Asia, being honest and open with you is part of our goal. You will always be communicated and in the know through the hiring process.

We’ve used our industry knowledge and experience to create a recruitment practice that profoundly evaluates the capabilities and qualities of a virtual assistant candidate to achieve great success in their assistant role.

In our wide talent pool, we evaluate the following:

  • Communication Skills

    Are they effective communicators, both verbal and written? Can they exchange and pass information on your behalf with clarity and understanding?

  • Problem-Solving Ability

    Can they find solutions in complex situations even with minimal management?

  • Character

    Are they easy to work with? Can they interact with others and work in a team environment?

  • Digital-Savvy

    How fast can they learn new software tools? Are they comfortable using them?

  • Reliability

    Can they deliver quality results efficiently? Can they operate in a changing environment without failure?

How well they perform in these metrics will predict how well they’ll perform in their actual job.

Of course, we wouldn’t miss out on carrying your job specifications and matching them all up with our filtered candidates.

Consider a Recruitment Agency for a VA Tailored to Fit Your Needs

Okay, using a recruitment agency can be expensive. But as the demand for virtual assistants continues to escalate, finding the right talent for the right job should take priority.

Bad hires equal negative ramifications such as increasing turnover costs, reduced productivity and busted morale.

By partnering with a recruitment expert like VAV Asia, you can streamline your recruitment operation and locate talents from anywhere.

C’mon, unlock the overflowing potential of hiring a VA from another country, contact a recruitment agency today.