How a Lead Generation B2B Virtual Assistant Can Boost Sales

How a Lead Generation B2B Virtual Assistant Can Boost Sales

Your business is doing good and everything is clicking. The thing is though, you still don’t have enough customers who buy and rave about your products.

Obviously, the goal of every business venture is to earn more sales. That’s why companies find ways to drive traffic and have a sturdy pipeline. However, generating more buyers is tough, especially with the competition nowadays.

Understanding where your hot leads are is a good start to get things going. You can use that knowledge to get more B2B sales. But you have to be patient because this will take time — requiring skills, effort and some good old marketing.

And the thing about running a company is that you might not have much time to spend. You always need more.

So, if you can’t stretch your most precious resource, perhaps, you can hire an extra pair of hands in the form of a lead generation B2B virtual assistant.

What can this VA do for you? Scroll down and find out.

What is B2B Lead Generation?

B2B lead generation is a process of getting more sales prospects and increasing your buyers and leads to boost your revenue. Fairly simple? Not really.

As we mentioned, lead generation takes time and can get really frustrating. If you’ve been doing business for a while, you know the real struggle of finding and chasing qualified leads.

The way to entice B2B leads is very different from your other lead generation endeavors. There is no one-size-fits-all method in this business battlefield (since consumers are very diverse). In the end, your efforts might not even be rewarded.

B2B lead generation needs a creative approach that is both competitive and targeted.

And speaking of being inventive, hiring a lead generation B2B virtual assistant is a great way to cater to your diversified needs in the most cost-effective way.

What Is a B2B Virtual Assistant for Lead Generation?

A B2B virtual assistant for lead generation is a professional remote worker from around the world who offers assistance on many B2B lead generation tasks. Their job is mainly to help you with the different stages of the sales cycle.

To ensure that you can reach a wider audience, a lead generation B2B strategy has to target several channels. Now, that could be overwhelming for a small team.

In that, a lead generation B2B virtual assistant can offer support and handle various tasks concerning your lead generation activities such as marketing, cold calling and every task in between that is necessary to your sales activities.

Strategies to Generate More Leads

While there are several tactics that you can use to generate and nurture your leads, here are the tried and tested strategies that can yield impressive results.

  • Email Marketing

    Even in B2B, email marketing is a proven lead generation success story. In fact, more than 50% of marketers agree.

    Using emails, you can collect leads by gathering vital information on potential customers such as their email addresses.

    However, it does not end there, you need to nurture these leads to eventually transform them into buyers.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    If you want an organic way to reach and attract your audience, you can use search engine optimization.

    Though this might be time-consuming, SEO is a proven practice that can boost your online visibility, especially for a startup or small business with a limited budget.

  • Google Ads

    Setting up Google Ads is incredibly effective for B2B businesses.

    For starters, it is highly targeted where you can choose your audience and feed them with ads at just about the right time.

    Not just that, using Google Ads also allows you to retarget other channels and use targeted keywords purely based on their purchasing intent.

  • Content Marketing

    Don’t forget, that content is king!

    Your content marketing strategies like your blog posts and website content can help you get to your quality leads.

    And it doesn’t matter if it’s new content or old one, you can always improve your content by putting links and a call-to-action button.

  • Social Media

    Over 4 billion people visit social media channels on a daily basis…4 billion.

    Twitter, Facebook and all the other online social arena that you have right now are effective tools to generate leads for your marketing and sales team. These platforms are thriving with more qualified leads and new customers to seek out.

    Just share insightful information on what your brand is all about and don’t forget to link it back to your website. If you’re successful in stirring up their interests, they will happily click on the link to learn more about your services and products.

    What’s even better? Social media is totally free!

How Can a Lead Generation B2B Virtual Assistant Help?

If you’re wondering what tasks you can delegate to a lead generation B2B virtual assistant, here are some of the key services that they offer.

  • Cold Calling

    Although some might say that cold calling is equivalent to starting your buyer-seller relationship on a bad note, it is still very effective.

    You can let your B2B virtual assistant do the cold-calling to give your sales rep some free time. Doing so, work wouldn’t be too overwhelming and would be given more focus. Your marketing or sales team can concentrate on leading your leads down the sales funnel.

  • Social Media Management

    Understand that people are more likely to buy products that everyone else is buying…that’s called the bandwagon effect. Social proof, which is somewhat of a popularity contest, can increase conversions.

    To maximize your social proof, you can hire a lead generation B2B virtual assistant to work on your social media handles. They can create content, constantly engage with customers and eventually get positive feedback.

  • Website Optimization

    Oftentimes, the sales and marketing teams skip the company’s website optimization when trying to increase the number of conversions…which is a lost opportunity.

    To advance and grow, it is essential to incorporate website optimization practices such as utilizing analytics, call-to-action buttons and landing pages. And who better take all of these chores at once than a virtual assistant?

  • Run Email Marketing Campaigns

    Email marketing will never go out of style, despite all the new tools for B2B lead generation that are coming up these days.

    You can work with a virtual assistant to create enticing newsletters and sales funnels using landing pages with special deals in exchange for your leads contact details.

    In this way, you can build your email lists and get more opportunities to close deals.

  • Research and Qualify Leads

    Always remember that not all leads are worth chasing. A good lead generation B2B virtual assistant understands this.

    They can create a vivid customer profile and help you find quality prospects, ensuring that your sales agent only follows profitable leads.

  • Content Management

    Blogs are great tools to engage your prospects.

    To create content of value, you can hire a skilled virtual assistant who can write relatable articles. Producing such will keep you on the fore with your audience on a regular basis and ultimately get them interested in what your company offers.

  • Reporting and Measurement

    In every campaign you create and execute for your B2B lead generation activities, you should never forget to measure the results. That’s how you’ll know if what you’re doing is effective or not, or if it needs adjustments.

    Access regular comprehensive reports through your lead generation B2B virtual assistant. They can gather all these important performance measurement information to help you plan better and focus your energies on areas where you excel.

Qualities to Look for Your B2B Virtual Assistant for Lead Generation

There are many skills and qualities that make for a good B2B lead generation VA. However, the most important one is their marketing prowess.

These are the following areas that your virtual assistant needs to excel in to push for more leads and sales.

  • Blogging
  • SEO optimization
  • Keyword research
  • Writing
  • Social Media Management

In terms of soft skills, your VA needs to be self-motivated and can work under pressure without supervision. They listen and can communicate well, both verbal and written, with an eagerness to continuously learn.

In addition, they must be flexible, adaptable and can meet deadlines.


It’s hard to boost your sales if you don’t find quality leads to turn into paying customers.

Yes, you must keep your existing customers happy, but growth needs to come from somewhere fostered in credibility, visibility and innovativeness. And that’s where B2B lead generation VA comes in, driving traffic from high-quality leads.

Doing it all by yourself is time-consuming, and to be honest, you don’t really have much time to spare when running a B2B business.

So, we recommend hitting it up with a virtual assistant… and making that call.