22 May 2024

Virtual Assistant Vs. Chatbot: Key Distinctions to Know

We know humans probably hate the idea of being compared to machines, but the old-age showdown of “virtual assistant vs. chatbot” is a question that looms large, redefining how companies do business.
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15 May 2024

End Your Managerial Nightmares: What Assistant Managers Do

Running your own business is a lot of work. But, by delegating some of those responsibilities to someone else, you can give yourself some breathing room.
Remember, knowing when to ask for help is what separates good entrepreneurs from poor ones.
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10 May 2024

Why You Need a Virtual Assistant for Photographers

So, you’re a photographer who believes that every snap of the shutter is a work of art. You’re impassioned to make moments live forever, just like those moving pictures from Harry Potter.
But you’re not just playing around with the camera, are you?
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06 May 2024

How Delegation Empowers Team Members

So, why do you fear delegation so much?
Delegation is supposed to be a staple in your bag of tricks as a leader. And we’re not just rambling here, Harvard Business School experts say so—delegation is an essential leadership skill.
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02 May 2024

Which Business is Most Profitable in Australia?

You’re done! You’re sick and tired of going through the motions of your 9-to-5 job. Now, you want to take the plunge and turn your passion into a career, and start being independent.
Even though you’re saying hello to autonomy, in the back of your mind, you understand that starting a business is no small feat—where do you even begin?
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30 April 2024

Repetitive Tasks Can Be Accomplished Efficiently By…

Of course, you want to get your productivity high, because that way your business gets to progress. But how can you speed things up when every repetitive task is putting you to sleep and slowing you down?
The good news is that repetitive tasks can be accomplished efficiently by hiring a virtual assistant.
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25 April 2024

Reasons Why Business Fail and What to Do About It

The truth is that 9 in 10 startup businesses fail before they can even flap their wings and hop in the air, while only 4% of those companies live long enough to tell the tale. Although this sounds too insidious, businesses fail all the time.
If a company doesn’t shut down in a year, perhaps it will in the next 2 or 3 years.
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18 April 2024

Crucial Virtual Assistant KPIs for Measuring Your VA’s Performance

Virtual assistants are changing the workplace—from commuting to a physical central office under a strict schedule to working from anywhere, anytime.
Businesses that once resisted remote work are now bear-hugging it fully and are even considering making it a permanent part of their business model.
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12 April 2024

Question: Why Hire a Virtual Assistant to Make Calls?

One of the most important aspects of running a business is understanding how to handle calls professionally. Really? A phone answering task is pivotal for my company?
Yes! Simply because most of the time your first contact with your potential customers happens over the phone.
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08 April 2024

Perks of Virtual Assistants for Therapists (And Signs You Need One)

With our everyday lives triggered by many constant stressors, taking care of our mind and overall well-being has become the key to productively engage in the ever-changing world.
Now more than ever, individuals seek the support of therapists.
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05 April 2024

10+ Best Productivity Apps You Need in 2024

You’re probably here in this blog post because you want to accomplish more things in less time. Ergo, the best productivity apps in 2024. We totally understand the eagerness to break free from overwhelm—the universal feeling of many entrepreneurs out there.
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02 April 2024

How to Improve Time Management (5 Keys to Time Management)

We can already picture you in your office, working late as usual and cramming over “this” and “that.” You’re definitely stressed out and losing hair by the hour. If only you had managed your time wisely, then you’d have plenty of space for every important task.
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