A virtual assistant is the solution.

Virtual assistants boost productivity and help you grow your business faster.
With a dedicated remote staff taking over day-to-day tasks, you will have more time for high priority projects. This is an opportunity to make a real difference—start today!

During the pandemic, we have seen a huge transition from office to remote work. The remote work model has opened up new possibilities, especially for small and midsize companies. With numerous virtual communication tools made available now, many clients in Europe have embraced this new model and reached out to VAV for remote staffing services. Driven by this success, in 2020, Franck Janet created the company’s Asia Pacific division to extend their services to new clients.



Project Analysis

Understanding your needs and expectations


Finding the right candidate for you

Training and Onboarding

Connecting you with your new assistant

Virtual Assistant Services

Hiring a virtual assistant, who works remotely from home, dramatically cuts your overhead costs and frees you from the responsibilities of managing a full-time staff..

Communication is easier than ever now. You can meet your assistant via Zoom, Skype, Facetime, or Google Meet. Plus, thanks to cloud storage solutions like Dropbox and Google Drive, sharing project files is effortless and instantaneous.

Why Should You Hire a Virtual Assistant?

Highly Qualified Staff

We set high standards for ourselves. We regularly conduct performance reviews to guarantee our clients’ satisfaction.

Cost-Effective Hiring Strategy

Hiring a virtual assistant can alleviate your financial woes. Managing full-time staff is costly. So is renting and maintaining an office space (e.g. insurance, utilities, furniture, and supplies)..

Wide Range of Services

Our team of assistants come with expertise and years of experience. They provide support on many levels: administrative, HR, marketing, finance, tech—you name it. Our assistants excel at juggling multiple tasks and meeting the shifting demands of a project.

Immediate Availability

One of the best things about working with virtual assistants is their availability. You can regroup and share feedback anytime of the day, at your convenience. Functions like “Share Screen” on Zoom make it easier to view the work in progress in real time.

Flexible Schedule and Easy Payment

Virtual assistants work on a project by project basis. Their hours vary. Wage is directly calculated from the number of hours logged, and often they don’t fall neatly within the nine to five window. In other words, your virtual assistant will happily work “after hours” without charging overtime.

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