AdWords Management Virtual Assistant is Your Marketing Need

It all starts with a search. An AdWords Management Virtual Assistant can help you get better leads, wider reach and invaluable customer experience for a bargain.

Right now, digital is the “big league” of advertisement. It’s the new norm of marketing — growing insatiably without signs of stopping.

Simply put, digital advertising is one of the keys to growing your business, if not the most powerful one. It’s fast, wide and inexpensive.

But online advertising though is more than just the culmination of social media, SEO or content strategy, there’s AdWords, also popularly known now as “Google AdWords” that moves along with them to give your marketing wheels an extra push.

As you may already know, Google is the largest search engine in the entire digital universe with more than 3 billion searches each day.

So, if you’re seeking a way to reach a massive number of potential prospects for a cheap price, Google AdWords is your best bet. But then again, advertising campaigns can get overwhelming, you can’t be on your own.

Hiring an AdWords Management Virtual Assistant can make a huge difference.

If you’ve never tried it before and are quite hesitant to jump on board, this article will tell you all the ways they can be of great service to you, reducing the perils and headaches of AdWords advertising.

What is AdWords? How Does it Work?

AdWords or Google AdWords is the most popular form of Pay-Per-Click advertising. It’s an auction-like system that permits businesses to create advertisements on Google and its other properties.

As a business person, you can bid to place your ad on the search engine results for keywords relevant to your business.

It all begins with a single search.

For example, when a Google user searches for “pet grooming,” if there are a number of advertisers bidding on that keyword Google deems relevant to the search term, the auction is prompted.

Google will then look at the combined bid and score to see who gets the best position.

On the other hand, to determine how much advertisers need to pay per click, a quality score system is set up — the higher your quality score is; the less you pay for the higher position.

With Google AdWords, you can drive targeted traffic to your website by optimizing your campaigns, bringing your products/services to the forefront of potential customers who are already curious about what you offer.

What Is AdWords Management?

Are you somehow overwhelmed by the faster pace of new tools and changes in Google? Do you want to keep up with the latest AdWords tactics but can’t?

If you say YES to these questions, then you’re probably one of many who doesn’t have the time nor the expertise to manage and make the most of the magic AdWords brings to your marketing.

AdWords Management deals with the ins and outs of your AdWords PPC advertisements, reducing risks and ensuring substantial and effective results for your business.

With the help of AdWords Management, you can expand to a broader audience. This paid search program can drive Pay-Per-Click leads and utilize techniques to boost ROI.

Yes, online advertising can get really complicated. But when done correctly, it can elevate your brand to the next level.

What an TaAdWords Management Virtual Assistant Brings to Your Business Table

Many companies fail at getting the kind of results they seek when they handle AdWords campaigns on their own.

When you hire an AdWords Management Virtual Assistant, you can leave the monotonous tasks to someone else while you handle the more pressing matters in your business.

VAs offer a wide range of functions to get your campaigns going —from keyword management to setting the budget.

The following are the key tasks an AdWords Management Virtual Assistant can take off your more-than-full plate.

  • Set Up and Manage Campaigns

    From setting up, tracking, and reporting your AdWords campaigns for successful results, an AdWords Management Virtual Assistant can handle it all for you.

    However, if you’re already using AdWords, your VA can analyze the existing keywords and take notes of the ones not working or underperforming. They can help make regular improvements to your AdWords to improve the clickthroughs and impressions.

    As your virtual ally, their main goal is to make sure that you have an extra pair of eyeballs looking out for keywords that’ll get your clickthroughs and content sailing on top of search engine rankings.

  • Conduct Keyword Research

    AdWords advertising heavily relies on keywords.

    When you hire an AdWords Management Virtual Assistant, they will handle your keyword research within Google AdWords.

    For instance, they will retrieve reports on top keywords and make use of this information to create content based on the top-search keywords.

    Whatever your goal is, building new ones or developing the ones you already have, you need tools to boost your campaigns and your newly hired VA for AdWords can help you find those keywords and efficiently use them.

  • Analyze Campaigns of Competitors

    In creating the best practices to beat out your competitors, you can count on your AdWords Management Virtual Assistant to help you get a clearer picture of what you’re up against.

    Strengths, weaknesses, competitive advantage — these remote workers will gather and analyze information so that you can use it to your own advantage.

  • Develop Landing Pages

    Landing pages have the ultimate goal of increasing conversions and taking action. You can achieve these feats by creating a landing page that makes people want to stay — this will require a real set of skills though.

    You can work with an AdWords Management Virtual Assistant instead to design and develop user-friendly and search engine rule-abiding pages with great aesthetics to match.

  • Performance Analysis

    Keeping track of your overall campaign health is a lot of work that will take too much of your time.

    If you let a virtual assistant take charge of analyzing the performance of your campaigns and making adjustments, you’re increasing the productivity of your company.

    Your well-rounded VA can integrate search engine analytic tools to monitor campaigns. They will make a cohesive report for quick analysis, and you can use that information to make effective business decisions.

  • Budget Management

    Budget management is a factor in the success of your marketing plan.

    If you fail to create accurate and realistic estimates of schedule and scope, you may find yourself wasting resources and running out of money before anything is realized.

    With an AdWords Management VA, you can ensure efficient management of your PPC budget.

  • Ad Scheduling

    If you think deciding when to display ads is about as random as picking your lunch, think again. — there’s a strategy behind it.

    As a fledgling entrepreneur, you won’t have the time to think about how to target your ads to your most relevant audience.

    It’s best to hire an AdWords Management Virtual Assistant to do the job. They can set your ads and run them on the day and time that they’re likely to perform best, giving you more control of the delivery and performance of these campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a PPC Virtual Assistant?

A PPC remote worker is a PPC professional who manages your advertising campaigns by taking care of your budget or carefully crafting campaign ideas with the goal of advertising with cost efficiency.

With a Pay-Per-Click VA in your arsenal, you can stay away from the time-consuming tasks of your marketing efforts that you don’t need to personally handle.

How Do I Manage My Virtual Assistant?

With the remote nature of virtual assistants, the best way to make the most out of them is to learn how to manage them efficiently.

Here are some tips on how to do just that:

  • Determine the Support You Need
  • Determine What Skills You Need for Your Project
  • Communicate Effectively
  • Document Tasks
  • Delegate Effectively
  • Integrate Your VA to Your Team
  • Monitor the Performance of Your VA
  • Provide Training

It’ll be tricky at first to manage a virtual assistant, but once you get the hang of it, you will slowly reap the rewards.

Do Virtual Assistants Do Marketing?


In fact, we have a name for it, Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant.

A digital marketing VA is a trained marketing professional who deals with all aspects of your digital marketing — from social media, email marketing to content marketing.

An experienced VA works like a typical marketing professional but does it remotely.


Rich digital marketing starts with strong AdWords campaigns.

So, instead of throwing away money on costly but ineffective ads, let your AdWords Management Virtual Assistant deal with advertising and get the results you need.