What Makes a Good Virtual Assistant Coach

What makes a good virtual assistant coach? Check out the 3 essential things that a VA must have to make the virtual collaboration a success!

There’s nothing quite like coaching. It’s a collaborative process that requires trust, attention and bond, going through the ups and downs of your client’s experiences.

This is why it’s essential that, as a coach, you use the right tools or practice to work effectively.

Waving, a virtual assistant.

Nowadays, a virtual assistant plays a huge part in the success of every entrepreneur. After all, it takes a lot of time and energy to know and understand your clients—you need someone in your corner that you can depend on without throwing money down the drain.

What are the three things that make a VA successful? What are the ways they can help?

Let’s talk about what makes a good virtual assistant coach, and all the ways you can leverage them.

What Is a Virtual Assistant Coach?

A virtual assistant coach is a professional administrative assistant who works for coaches, offering comprehensive support by streamlining business operations from a remote location.

By taking over daily tasks that require your attention, such as answering phone calls and other administrative duties, these assistants free up your time so you can focus on core activities and achieve your goals faster.

What Makes a Good Virtual Assistant Coach

Spoiler alert! A virtual collaboration doesn’t guarantee success. That requires a certain amount of planning and pondering. So, how to begin?

First, don’t just hire your sister or the guy next door—don’t do that. Think about what to look for in a virtual assistant. What are the traits of a highly successful VA?

  • Excellent Communication Skills

    Communication skills is the Midas touch when it comes to coaching. So, you betcha, this is a no-brainer number one trait you should look for in a virtual assistant.

    Whether it’s a professional or personal relationship, effective communication is what you need to build rapport and harmony. The absence of it will lead to conflict, stress and dissatisfaction, and working virtually doesn’t help the situation at all.

    Talking only on the computer screen? That requires a strong foundation of communication.

  • Proactive

    Proactive employees are more efficient and productive. Do you agree? According to research, “Proactivity drives performance and innovation.” When people are proactive, they become more resourceful and intuitive at work.

    A proactive virtual assistant brings a bright future for your business—always one step ahead of others, even from you. They are aware of what needs to be done and take care of these tasks before you even ask.

    This VA is hyper-focused on turning your goals into a reality, which is why they will take time to know your preferences and routines. When you hire a proactive VA, you’ll have more freedom to work and build your business.

  • Positive Personality

    The next thing to look for in a virtual assistant is a positive personality, which is the more challenging part to assess.

    You see, you can easily grasp the hard skills of a VA candidate just by looking at their education and experiences. Soft skills are more intangible and harder to develop because they have a subjective nature that requires emotional intelligence to understand.

    It’s like seeking the heart of the person—do they get you, or are they dreaming the same dream? Find the person with whom you can be comfortable working—someone you can trust and perhaps, be friends with.

How Can a Virtual Assistant Coach Make a Difference?

Now that you’ve learned all the important traits of a successful virtual assistant, let’s see how an excellent virtual assistant coach works wonders in your daily business operation.

  • Create a Smooth Experience

    A good virtual assistant coach gives you focus. They will make sure your clients feel valued and prioritized—like they’re the only person you care about.

    As a coach working on multiple projects, it’s hard to give prompt replies to questions and personalize your service. If you use a virtual assistant, you make clients more comfortable and confident that you can get to their demands fast and efficiently.

  • More Focus on the Core Tasks

    The hours that you spend on tedious tasks make up about 62% of your entire workday. Imagine if you had that time back—what could you have achieved?

    You’ll know soon enough if you hire a virtual assistant. Coaches, you can leverage VAs to increase efficiency and reduce stress. They can help you accomplish a variety of business-related tasks, such as data analysis or data entry. In short, you’ll have more time strategizing and do actual growth-inducing work.

  • Be More Productive

    One of the most amazing features of a virtual assistant is how it can improve productivity. Via task automation, they can help you and your team focus on what really matters. On top of that, VAs can support you only when you need them, which means you can cut costs significantly.

    When you hire a virtual assistant coach, you get more than what you pay for. According to Canada Life Group, remote workers have some of the best productivity scores. It makes sense because VAs enjoy a more flexible working schedule right at their homes. This means they enjoy work-life balance, are more motivated, and ultimately more productive at work.

How Coaches Can Leverage a Virtual Assistant

Since you’re a pretty versatile coach, you’re handling your growing clientele like a pro, but how long can you keep this up?

Let a virtual assistant take some of those responsibilities off your plate instead of doing it all by yourself.

Here are some of the tasks that a coach can delegate to a virtual assistant:

  • Schedule Management

    Time management is highly important for a coach. Hiring a virtual assistant to manage your calendar can save you a considerable amount of time every day—that’s outside of making sure you don’t ever miss any appointments.

    With them in your corner, you won’t ever be bogged down by the small details and just concentrate on giving your clients the best experience ever.

  • Follow-Ups

    Of course, you care about your clients—they’re vital to your success. But dealing with different people can be a real headache, especially for a coach with an already packed schedule.

    Thankfully, a VA can help you stay connected. Just communicate your needs with them, and they’ll take care of the rest.

  • Social Media Management

    Today, there’s no tool more powerful for boosting your online presence than social media. But engaging in social platforms will take more than 10 hours each week of your time—as busy as you are, you won’t have the time to do it consistently.

    That’s when you need a virtual assistant coach—an experienced professional who can offer you a wide range of social media management support. Someone who can conduct research and write engaging posts all at the same time.

    With their help, you’ll get that online traction you need to thrive.

  • Travel Planning

    If making travel arrangements is giving you dread and stress, a virtual assistant coach can be your travel buddy—at least virtually. A VA will handle all travel requirements in great detail, making sure you don’t hassle finding transportation and a place to sleep. The only thing to concern yourself about is how to unwind and enjoy the experience.

  • Content Writing

    Content writing needs a sprinkle of creativity. So, if you don’t have any creative dust to scatter, then perhaps you can do well with a virtual assistant.

    VAs are not just skilled at playing with words; they’re also more convenient and affordable. They can craft ideas, write content, publish and engage with followers, giving you all the time you need to concentrate on core responsibilities.

  • Track Expenses

    Is tracking expenses one of your least favorite things to do? Hire a virtual assistant then. Since they’re equipped to handle this type of work, they can do it with less error and complete it in less time.

    This way, you can be more efficient in monitoring your spending habits and controlling your finances, without the extra dread.

The Bottom Line

As a coach, you have to be on the lookout for ways to improve your service and strike a balance between work and life. The easiest and most cost-effective way to do that is with a virtual assistant coach. They will help you achieve peak performance most efficiently.

But first, you have to understand what makes a good virtual assistant coach to realize the full potential of this collaboration and coach your clients to success.

Read through this blog post again and when you’re done, hit us up, and we’ll help you find the right virtual assistant for your needs.