Virtual Assistants to Answer Phones: Is It Worth It?

Virtual Assistants to Answer Phones: Is It Worth It?

Having your own business is a dream come true. But as you navigate the complexities of growing your company, you’ll soon realize that it’s not all peachy—the competition is eating your brains out.

In today's business landscape, regardless of which industry you’re in, it’s essential to find ways to be unique, and what better way to stand out from the rest than having the best customer service in town?

To kickstart that journey, you can hire a virtual assistant to answer phones, which is becoming difficult to cover, now that your business is flying.

What? Can virtual assistants answer phone calls?

Yes, and no worries; remote workers are budget-friendly, even for small firms. They can ensure round-the-clock service, so you won’t ever miss calls from your beloved clients.

If you want to know more about this virtual assistant phone answering service, read on and prepare to be filled with wonder.

What Is a Virtual Phone Assistant?

A phone virtual assistant is an offshore worker who specializes in answering phone calls from customers and taking messages for the business, trained to respond in complex and dynamic situations.

Though phone VAs are excellent at solving customer issues promptly, they also take care of administrative tasks.

Many companies outsource their phone support because it’s speedier and more economical than hiring a full-time employee.

So, What Do They Do?

  • Answer phone calls
  • Introduce new products and services to clients
  • Manage emails
  • Make follow-ups
  • Make travel arrangements
  • Schedule appointments like meetings or interviews
  • Send reminders
  • Collect feedback during client calls
  • Analyze feedback reports
  • Cater to client queries and solve issues
  • Give product-specific assistance
  • Compile data and create reports
  • Support sales order management

Are Virtual Assistants Equipped to Answer Your Calls?


Perhaps, when your business phone is constantly ringing, you’d think immediately of call centers for support or a receptionist. Well, we’re telling you, virtual phone assistants are better alternatives.

These remote workers are trained professionals with rich work experience, who can provide all the information your clients need in less response time. Plus, they’re more cost-effective with a wider range of responsibilities.

However, if you still need a blow-by-blow on why VAs work like magic, here are some of the best reasons why they are the perfect assistants to take your business calls:

  • Round-the-Clock Support

    Since virtual assistants work from all over the world, they are capable of offering a 24/7 support system. This will result in better customer coverage, customer satisfaction and brand image.

  • Effective Inbound Call Flow

    Virtual assistants to answer phones? Not only do they deal with all questions and concerns promptly, but they will also make sure that no client calls will ever be missed just because no one was there to take the call.

  • Networking Capacities

    Did we mention that virtual phone assistants are skilled and knowledgeable about their job? They have experience in different industries which means they understand how clients think. This is a great opportunity for you to meet leads and grow your business.

  • It’s Cheaper!

    Honestly, it’s expensive to hire someone to act as your receptionist, especially for a small business. You need to pay for office space, equipment, benefits and other expenses that you could’ve avoided altogether if you hire a virtual assistant instead.

  • Enhanced Productivity

    When a virtual assistant covers all your calls, you will have one less thing to worry about and plenty of time to think strategically and light that bulb.

  • Increased efficiency

    The very essence of hiring a virtual assistant is allowing you to do more with less. As we mentioned, phone VAs are skilled and knowledgeable about different industries. This means they can complete tasks more efficiently.

  • Customer satisfaction

    96% of customers will leave you crying for bad customer service. Do you know what makes up 90% of what clients perceive as excellent customer service? Immediate response.

    Since you’re teaming up with a phone virtual assistant, you get to pick up calls in the first or second ring. With an impressive customer satisfaction rating, you will get to keep all your clients and attract new ones.

So, who needs a virtual assistant phone answering service?

Actually, anyone who is too busy to take their business calls. Then again, some others would benefit more from outsourcing phone virtual assistant services than the rest.

  • Service businesses like restaurants, theatres and cafes can benefit greatly from hiring a virtual phone assistant.

    Since this industry tends to be always on the move, no one has the time to answer phone calls— that’s a job for a paid receptionist. However, with a remote worker, you can just spend a fraction of the cost for a 24/7 answering service.

  • If you’ve ever seen a real estate agent in action, you’ll be amazed how they juggle texting, calling and emailing while doing property research and arranging deals on the side.

    Instead of staying in the never-ending loop of communication struggle, hire a virtual assistant who will not only answer your phone calls and emails but also schedule showings and meetings.

  • Another industry that can benefit from a virtual phone assistant is law firms. With how complex legal issues and cases are, lawyers need all the time in the world to be in the zone. They can’t afford to be interrupted with menial tasks such as answering calls.

    By outsourcing, these busy professionals can concentrate on their jobs and complete more work.

  • Lastly, pretty much anyone who wants to free themselves from the constant ringing. Admit it, phone calls are distracting and irritating, especially if you need to stop what you’re doing just to answer the call.

    Of course, you cannot let the phone ring out because that might be urgent and that’s a major red flag for customer service. So, instead of being bothered with the nonstop ringing, you can leave it up to a virtual assistant.

Things to Ponder Before You Hire a Phone-Answering Virtual Assistant

Adding a remote staff to your team can be challenging; there are budget issues and communication struggles. So, if you want a hiring that makes sense, this is how you should choose the right virtual assistant.

  • First, you have to evaluate what you need. Most virtual collaborations fail because business owners and entrepreneurs don’t know what their VAs should do. Without clarity on what you need, this will result in a wrong hire.

    Knowledge and experience matter, that’s why you should assess them before hiring. Check their abilities and ask the right questions.

    Since your VA will be dealing with people, they should have excellent interpersonal skills, making your clients feel at ease on the other line.

    Conduct a mock call assessment just to see if your virtual assistant has good phone-call-answering skills. See if they can handle clients and remain calm even in complex situations.

    If you’re a small business on a tight budget, you should check the pricing and your budget.

FAQs about a Virtual Phone Assistant

What Is a Caller Virtual Assistant?

A caller virtual assistant is a remote contractor who handles a myriad of call center tasks such as sales calls and customer service.

What is the Difference Between a Virtual Phone Assistant and a Call Center Agent?

Both a virtual phone assistant and a call center agent handle the same type of responsibilities such as handling complaints and providing product information. The only difference is that, unlike your traditional call center agent, VAs are more flexible and economical. Plus, they can handle a broader set of responsibilities beyond phone-based support.

What Does a Virtual Receptionist Do?

A virtual receptionist somehow assumes the role of a secretary. They take care of incoming calls on your behalf. But beyond that, VRs also schedule meetings and make travel arrangements.

Wanna know what makes a virtual receptionist a game-changer?

Key Points to Ponder

In 2024, a virtual assistant to answer phones is exactly what you need to boost your client service. Trust us, it will help enhance client satisfaction, your brand image and eventually sales.

The success of your business is in your hands, who knows that next phone could be your biggest opportunity call?

If you are ready to hire, book a consultation today and we’ll be happy to assist you on your growth journey!