Are Virtual Assistants Worth It? Yes, They Are!

Are Virtual Assistants Worth It? Yes, They Are!

Does a virtual assistant ring any bell? Sure, they’ve rang a bell or two; tons of business people have already confided in this “miracle worker,” who does so many things without asking for too much.

What exactly is a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant is an offshore professional who supports owners and professionals by offering a wide range of business-related activities. They can deal with all the repetitive, mundane tasks that are slowing you down and keeping you locked up in your office—sounds inviting?

Yes, gone are the days when you needed a physical central office to run your business. Now, you can grow your company straight from the comforts of your home.

So, are virtual assistants worth it? Do people actually hire virtual assistants?

Read through this blog post, and let’s find out the advantages and disadvantages of virtual assistants.

Why Virtual Assistant Is in Demand?

Various factors propel the demand for virtual assistants namely; competition, economic situation and scarcity of talent in the local market.

By outsourcing overseas, companies can access a wider talent pool which increases the chances of finding the right person for the right job.

With competition, business must up their speed and efficiency. In that aspect, a virtual assistant fits perfectly because they can offer support when and whenever the need arises.

Another reason is when companies want to dive into a newer market. The need to operate efficiently triggers the demand for VAs since remote workers can offer flexibility in a variety of markets without needing to invest in an in-house team.

So, it begs the question: Why Virtual Assistant Is Important?

In the modern business landscape, the role of virtual assistants is inevitable and the industry has grown large.

VAs can offer time and freedom. You can close deals with a great business plan without having to compromise family time. It’s a win-win!

Still, if you’re having doubts, let’s go over the top 10 benefits of hiring a virtual assistant.

  • More Time for Strategic Thinking

    Since virtual assistants take care of the essential but easily delegated tasks, you can now focus on strategic plans and the long-term growth of your company.

    By working on the bigger side of things, you can make the most of your time. In this way, you can guide the company for better performance and expand the business.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

    Coping with global demands means needing a scattered team to cater to your global audience. This can be really difficult to achieve if you only have to rely on your local staff in one area.

    Fortunately, remote workers are from different time zones and can be hired from across the globe. With them on board, you can finally connect and cater to the needs of your customers 24/7 in various locations, even while you sleep.

  • Save Money

    Are virtual assistants worth it? In terms of money savings, they’re super worth it. In fact, you can save as much as 78% in operating costs alone each year.

    Since remote workers work from home, you don’t need to spend money on rent, furniture, utilities and other office must-haves.

    Also, you can save on training costs by hiring these offshore professionals. When you work with a VA, they come fully equipped and ready for work right away! After all, you’re hiring them for their specific skill sets.

    On the other hand, traditional employees need considerable time and resources to handle their job. And if ever the collaboration doesn’t work out, the financial burden of replacing them is going to take a toll on you and the business.

  • Avoid Work Burnout

    When it seems like stress is omnipresent when you’re running a business, virtual assistants come along to prove you otherwise.

    Hiring a virtual staff will take some of the heaviest workloads off your shoulders—the repetitive tasks such as answering emails or calendar management. They can deal with all the tedious admin tasks for you and more, even while you’re away on vacation.

    Since you’re handing off these tasks, you can now enjoy a healthy work-life balance. Spending on the things you love to do is necessary to keep you energized and refreshed and altogether avoid stress and work burnout. In this way, you’re more productive at work.

  • Getting to Pursue Other Interests

    Perhaps, you wanted to start your own company based on pure passion. But we wonder if that passion extends to scheduling meetings or coordinating with vendors? Reduce the overwhelm and outsource the mundane tasks that don’t make money.

    By employing a virtual assistant, you’ll have plenty of time to focus on the important things of your business rather than wasting it on low-effort jobs. You will not only increase your productivity, by also have personal time to pursue other interests.

  • Hiring Top Talents Around the World

    When you open your mind to the world of virtual assistants, you can tap into the greatest talents of the world.

    No longer do you have to settle for a local hire who doesn’t really meet your needs or requirements, you can mine talent anywhere else, unrestrained by geographical limits. This is an incredible opportunity to add value to businesses residing in areas where the talent pool is scarce and exhausted.

  • Getting More Done with Less Time

    According to a study conducted at Stanford University's School of Business between 2012 and 2013, people who work from home are less likely to call in sick, take fewer breaks and have more calls per minute.

    This result just emphasizes the idea that virtual assistants understand what matters most, which is getting the job done.

    In a nutshell, virtual collaboration can mitigate risks, streamline operations and help avoid the stiff work environment that has true business costs.

  • Scale Operations with Less Risks

    It’s difficult to predict the future when it comes to business. Even with all the numbers, there are just too many variables that can happen out of nowhere.

    With virtual assistant though, you can lessen the blow when things are slow in the business. VAs are low-cost; you can hire them only when you need them, and scale up or down when the demand calls for it. This way you can substantially reduce the financial burden.

  • Improved Customer Service

    What can a virtual assistant do to best service your customers? They can respond to customer queries and issues promptly and follow up on clients with some added personal touch.

    Today, customers have the need for speed, calling it the most important element of excellent customer service. There’s even around 50% of them that are less likely to spend money on businesses that take too long to respond.

  • No Need to Micromanage

    Basically, you’re hiring a virtual assistant purely based on their specialized skills such as in marketing or content creation. That being said, if you hire a VA, you don’t need to hover 24/7 just to make sure they’re doing the work.

    Remote workers are used to handling multiple clients, so best believe they’re pretty great at time management. You don’t need to worry about delays or check up on them from time to time. They can carry out their duties effectively, so chill out and focus on what you have to do for the business.

What Are the Disadvantages of Virtual Assistants?

It’s not peachy all the time when it comes to virtual assistants. Collaborating virtually is no small feat; therefore, you should be wary.

Here are the few drawbacks of outsourcing remote employees that can be remedied, but still, should be weighed before unleashing the powers of a virtual assistant.

  • Language and Cultural Differences

    While diversity can offer fresh innovative ideas, it’s hard to build a connection with someone who can’t speak your language or has a different cultural background. This can often lead to confusion and misunderstanding that can impact overall performance.

  • Communication Difficulties

    When you have a diverse team in scattered locations, it’s hard to be on the same page. There are issues with different time zones that can lead to miscommunications.

    Alas, you can work through these barriers through open and effective communication; exercising listening skills, establishing communication protocols from the get-go and setting a schedule for regular check-ins.

Wrapping Up!

Aren’t those benefits make hiring a virtual assistant a worthwhile journey? For sure!

VAs can cut costs, scale operations, reduce stress, save time, improve customer service and so much more.

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