Small Business Ideas for Women in Australia in 2024

Want to start a business in Australia? Check out our list of small business ideas for women in Australia in 2024 and build one more source of income.

Despite Australia experiencing economic prosperity, women's entrepreneurship is still often overlooked in the “land down under” and not fully leveraged, with only 22% of startups founded by women.

In the last few years, though, women have become bold in entering a myriad of business fields and successfully leading organizations to the top. Ergo, you could be one of them.

Thus, if you’re looking to start your own business in Australia, look no further. We’ve rounded up some fantastic business ideas that you, lady bosses, can start from scratch in the comforts of your homes.

Whether you’re in a big bustling city like Sydney or an open swath of small town in the Outback, these small business ideas for women in Australia are low-cost and tailor-fitted to meet the budding demands.

Australia’s Business State

Before COVID-19, Australia had dominating industries that kept the economy steady.

With the global pandemic and geographical tension, Australia is in a period of economic flux. While it is disruptive and messy, it also presents an opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Indeed, it’s a shakeup that induced a startup splurge, changing the traditional business landscape and complete dominance over the market.

Which Businesses Are in Demand in Australia?

What are the small businesses in Australia best to start in 2024?

Mm, looking into the future, the Australian economy is poised to undergo a dramatic turnaround. On the way to growth, the fast-growing industries that are expected to lead the charge and offer robust opportunities for job seekers, employers and investors alike include the following:

  • Healthcare
  • Renewable Energy
  • Tourism
  • Technology
  • Education and Training

Women and Entrepreneurship: Small Business Ideas for Women in Australia

Really, it’s not that hard—you can launch a business straight off from your home.

However, when starting a new business, the key thing is to choose the right venture that fits your skill, experience and passion.

So, to answer the question, “what business to start from home in Australia?” Here are some small business ideas for women in Australia to inspire and get started now.

  • Home Improvement

    Home improvement is basically making homes better. It’s a challenging profession that requires an eye for beautiful designs and spaces that women can find stimulating and fun.

    The female population is perfect for this role, as they know trends and homes from the inside out. From remodeling kitchens to completely renovating an old house for a cozier one, the surge of buying existing homes with the urge to update these new places right away brings this industry on the rise.

  • Cleaning

    This business idea is indeed very flexible in terms of being a small business side gig. You can either bring your own supplies or ask your client to provide them, depending on what works best for both parties.

    While in there, you can throw in extra services like ironing and laundry to earn more cash.

  • Blogging (Vlogging)

    There are plenty of blogging or vlogging ideas that you can turn into a lucrative business venture. One of the best blogging ideas for women would be in beauty and fashion. You can give fashion advice, make reviews of beauty products or create lifestyle content.

    Right on your dining table, you can boost your income by posting on websites and increasing your followers.

  • Life Coach

    Ready to empower others and inspire the change they want in their lives? If you have the flare for motivation and mindset, you should consider starting a business as a life coach and getting paid by the hour while setting your own time.

    You can help your clients achieve their goals and motivate them to be the best version of themselves through your interpersonal skills as a mindset coach. Of course, to succeed in this business, one must have the credentials and proper training to boost the brand and gain more clients.

  • Freelance Writer

    Women are into writing more than men; in fact, there are more female publishers than men.

    So, for our female squad, who has the passion to string words together in the most beautiful of ways, content writing is the perfect small business idea for you.

    This career will not only fuel your creative spirit; it also pays well, working on a wide range of projects with the freedom to work wherever you want.

  • Event Planning

    Fact: Women are exceptional at planning and organizing.

    Those qualities would definitely make for a great event-planning business. Though event planning is one of the hardest jobs in the world, we’re certain women are up for the tasks especially since this job has plenty of opportunities to offer.

    It’s a massive sector with a direct value of over $11 billion in Australia. From birthday parties and weddings to company events, event planning is a fast-growing industry where the need for event planners is expected to remain high.

  • E-Commerce Store

    E-commerce stores are super quick and simple to set up and start. Not only that, digital shops don’t require much investment and have very low risk.

    You don’t need to pay for space rent. In fact, you can run your business from home and advertise your products through platforms like Shopify.

  • Online Tutoring

    If you think you need to leave your regular working hours to start your small business idea, you don’t have to. Tutoring is a great way to earn flexible cash.

    Whether you’re great at trigonometry, speaking Spanish or playing the cello, you can share your knowledge with others for a price. Promoting your service is also fairly easy; thanks to social media, you can go to Facebook or LinkedIn and endorse your service.

  • Personal Assistant

    The best thing about being a personal assistant is having to work with a wide range of businesses. Essentially, you’ll be managing admin work such as booking appointments, responding to emails and market research.

    To start your small business idea, join freelance marketplaces or a professional network on LinkedIn to market your service.

  • Cake Making

    Are you good in the kitchen, particularly baking sweet treats? If you are, this is the time to turn your cake-making hobby into a career.

    How do you spread the word? You can use social media to share videos of your cake, find a food delivery app and start selling. Or you can join an online store, and then build a website to further scale your reach with engaging blog post content.

  • Pet Care

    This one is a no-brainer for animal lovers. You can set up a pet-sitting business where you spend time with furry friends and enhance quality time with them. It could be in their homes or yours.

    As a pet sitter, you can offer grooming, feeding and exercising services to pets and get paid per visit or per day. There’s also a demand for dog walkers, so you can add that one to your service too.

What Business Can I Start With $100 K in Australia?

When you want to own a business, you are typically required to make a monetary investment. The higher the capital, the more business options there are.

So, what if you only have $100K in your resources? Can you have an extensive choice?

You might be surprised to know there are many business ideas that sort of money can fund, such as…

  • Auto Repair

    Cars will always be on the road, and they’re prone to break eventually. In Australia, there are over 20 million registered vehicles. That number entails the viable demand for automobile service.

    With your $100k, you can open a car repair shop in your own space or rent one.

  • Food Trucks

    “Why aren’t there places to eat here and there?” A food truck business is the answer to that question.

    Certainly, one that you can easily open yourself with a $100k investment.

  • Delivery Services

    People are getting lazy, even when it comes to their food—instant is the new norm. To cure that, you can start a delivery service for these sluggish folks.

Final Thoughts!

Australia is a land of opportunity for women, agreed. From opening up an e-commerce store to blogging, there are expansive small business ideas for women in Australia to tap into.

Remember, the best business to start is the one you truly enjoy doing the most. That’s the first step in building a profitable and sustainable firm.

But if you ever get burned and burdened with a heavy workload, women entrepreneurs can always have the support of a virtual assistant. They can take care of the repetitive mundane tasks and free up your time so you can maintain a work-life balance, be a mom, a wife, a girlfriend, a daughter and a friend, and still get on with running the company.

With your skill, experience and a virtual assistant, success is within reach!