Tips and Tricks to Increase Online Sales

To increase online sales, you need not one, but the culmination of these factors working together.

Whether you’re shopping for food, clothes or furniture, you probably prefer going through an app rather than stepping outside like in the old days.

This is not laziness talking, but online shopping is simply practical, convenient and fast.

Plus, considering there are around 6.92 billion people in the world who carries a smartphone in their hands which is around 86.11 percent of the total population. It’s becoming more and more apparent that e-commerce is today’s version of a shopping avenue.

For businesses and entrepreneurs though, this is a massive opportunity to increase online sales and expand the business.

In this blog post, we’ll talk about all the best-selling ideas and strategies that you can apply to your business to increase online sales — there are quite a few of them actually, so buckle up.

What Are 4 General Ways to Increase Sales?

Increasing sales has always been the main goal of every business. Without it, a company will fail to survive in the market.

That’s why business owners and entrepreneurs look for ways to boost it.

Sure, there are specific strategies that you should use for every business condition, but there are also typical tactics that you can administer that fits-all business situations.

  • Get Your Team in the “KNOW”

    Everyone that should be aware of the creation and the execution of your sales strategies has to know what it truly means.

    You need to discuss within the company what factors to consider when increasing sales such as customers, prices and transactions.

  • Create a Marketing Plan

    Without marketing, there are no sales.

    To elaborate, sales are highly dependent on effective marketing. With no solid marketing strategy, no product can fly off the shelves, even the best ones.

    Since marketing is a wide space to master, here are some areas you can concentrate on to boost your sales: product development, distribution channels and promotions.

  • Establish a Strong Relationship with Existing and New Clients

    How can I increase my online clients?

    If you want to keep your existing customers and attract new ones, you got to build strong relationships with them.

    By providing a great customer service experience, you can make them feel valued and appreciated.

    Working with loyalty and trust, your customers will be attracted to buy from your company which will increase sales and revenue.

  • Make Use of an Outsourcing Company

    By now, you’ve probably heard of outsourcing and the wonders of remote workers.

    You need to find a team who will handle the necessary menial tasks of your sales processes.

    Enter virtual sales assistant.

    These skilled and experienced third-party professionals are less expensive to hire than your in-house team — not to mention they’re flexible, highly productive and know exactly what to do to get more sales.

How Do You Attract Online Sales?

Due to the insurmountable integration of technology into our everyday lives, there’s a great chance that you’re working on increasing your online sales. After all, sales are the ultimate revenue generator, helping your company to survive in the market — increasing online sales means more cash.

So, if you’re constantly asking, “How can I increase my sales?” we’ve got something for you.

Here are 10 ways on how you can increase online sales as fast as a speeding train.

  • Improve SEO

    Bolstering your website’s SEO which stands for “search engine optimization” is a great place to start when increasing online sales.

    SEO’s main objective is to amply your online visibility by getting your pages rank higher on the search engine results.

    So, whenever someone searches on Google for a relevant term or keyword, your website will likely appear on the first page of Google. You can tinker with SEO using keywords on your content, title and metatags.

    By improving SEO, you’re not only looking to increase online sales but also building trust and credibility with customers.

  • Social Media for Promotions

    Over 58 percent of the total population uses social media every day, and that’s around 4.26 billion people scouring social platforms for entertaining content, news and brands.

    In other words, social media is arguably the most powerful digital marketing tool to do promotions and increase online sales simultaneously.

    You can start by sharing special deals with your followers on Facebook, Instagram and all the platform you have handles. Or you can also use social media channels to display targeted ads, so you can reach a specific market.

    This is a lot of work for one person though, so it’s best to use social media management tools or better yet, outsource a virtual assistant to make sure you’re on top of your game.

  • A Chatbot on Your Website

    Chatbots are great for a convenient shopping experience by making it super easy for customers/visitors to purchase. They provide 24/7 service accessibility, make personalized recommendations, and solve issues in different languages while still sounding human.

    With a seamless process of buying, people are more inclined to transact thus leading to an increase in sales.

  • Showcase Customer Testimonials

    Who do you think is the best ambassador for your brand?

    Not you, but your customers.

    Customer testimonials are extremely valuable, especially in this era of social media. Not only can it show off the positive experiences of clients gushing about your brand, but it also offers strong insights for potential customers who are looking for reviews before purchasing online.

    Nothing builds trust and credibility than your legions of satisfied customers singing your praises.

  • Flash Special Offers

    There are multiple ways you can go about this special marketing incentive in your online store.

    You can do discounts for selected items, a free shipping return or product giveaways.

    Just think about it, if you offer discounts, customers who are hesitant to make the purchase would immediately nab the opportunity. Who doesn’t love to grab a bargain price, right?

    It's the same thing with offering freebies, people are more drawn to buy, thinking they’re getting more than what they paid for.

    The bottom line is, special offerings are a great way to increase online sales.

  • Offer Fewer Choices

    The thing about people is that they become “undecided” when they have too many options laid out in front of them. They’ll go about comparing prices and product features which will definitely take some time.

    The trick to avoid lost sales? You can offer fewer selections at a time. This will keep customers from exploring all the products in-depth and easily finding what they really want, opening a clear path for purchase.

  • More Options for Payment

    So, you only take cash and cards. Hmm, what about mobile payments? QR codes? Google Pay? Alipay? NO?

    Having several payment methods is like opening your business doors to more customers. You’re more likely to meet their preferred mode of payment. Plus, it’s easier for checkouts.

    Nowadays, with mobile e-commerce taking over, expanding your options to receive payments is one of the easiest ways to increase online sales.

  • Use Good Quality Product Images

    Best believe that when scrolling on your website, visitors will be drawn first to images before jumping into the text. What do you expect, people are highly visual creators.

    Given how our eyes perceive appearances right away, it’s only smart that you would invest in quality product photography for your business.

    If you showcase good-quality images on your website or social media pages, the chances of increasing sales are high.

    Just be sure to include a wide variety of shots of the product, with different angles as buyers would love to see the nooks and crannies before purchasing online.

  • Give Away Something for Free

    The Psychology of “free stuff” explains that by giving away something for free, you are slowly building a mutually beneficial relationship.

    Okay, this strategy sounds expensive, but it’s a proven tactic used by many corporate giants to increase online sales.

    By offering free samples, you’re giving potential customers an opportunity to get to know your brand and have a taste of what’s to come.

  • Build a Buyer Persona

    Perhaps, the best way to win customers on your side to increase online sales is to create a buyer persona.

    Buyer persona tells you realistic things about your audience; communication style, attitude, interest and other details that elaborate their sales process preference.

    By mapping out a representation of your ideal customer based on data and research, you’ll have a map that serves as a guide on how to effectively sell to a customer.

Final Thoughts!

To increase online sales, you need to have thorough planning, excellent marketing and customer service.

If you can do that and heed our list of strategies, you’ll get your sales flying in no time.