An Entrepreneur's Secret: Launch Product with a Virtual Assistant

Before a product takes off, there are plenty of things to do. But instead of doing it alone, make it a success---launch a product with a virtual assistant.

Excited about launching a new product? Sure, you are.

But amidst all that uncontained joy and thrill, you’re also unsure how you’re going to make a huge bang for your product. It’s daunting, right?

There are so many tasks to juggle before your new e-book or online course gets to your clients. And don’t you try to do it yourself; you’re missing an opportunity here.

Instead of going solo, launch a product with a virtual assistant!

Listen, there’s no perfect formula to doing it successfully, but there are smart steps that you can take to ensure you achieve what you’ve set out to do, and that’s exactly what a VA is for.

Who is a Virtual Assistant?

No, we’re not talking about Google Assistant or Alexa. Those are AI chatbots that can sing “Happy Birthdays” and tell jokes but can’t help you launch products on the internet.

This virtual assistant is a seasoned professional who may not be physically present but can support all your urgent needs—from simple calendar scheduling to writing content.

So, How Can You Launch a Product with a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant can do a lot of lifting before you launch a product and after it’s already out in the world.

Here are the ways a VA can help your company’s product launch:


  • Product Management/Development

    Product management/development is perhaps the costliest part of making a new product. So, if you don’t have the budget to pay for a design specialist or a copywriting genius, you’ll find a virtual assistant to be a cost-effective solution.

    No, just because they’re cheap doesn’t mean the service is bad. VAs are masters of a lot of things. They can help you brainstorm ideas and create sharp, relevant designs that will match what you’re aiming for. They understand what you need and know how to manage them.

  • Market Research

    Through market research, you gain data-driven insights that tell you how a product should be designed and how it will be received by consumers. With data, you can create strategic marketing plans that align with your targeted buyers.

    This is the domain of seasoned VAs. They can send surveys, collect information on different platforms and conduct an analysis of competitors.

  • Marketing Push

    Looking for an effective way to create a buzz and get consumers all excited? An excellent virtual assistant can run marketing campaigns focused on your upcoming launch in different ways.

    Right now, Facebook is the most popular social channel in the world. A VA adept on this platform can create an ad through videos in front of a larger audience. Or they can assist you with email marketing and promote your launch by writing and designing newsletters with your entire email list.

  • Manage Product Pages

    Customers want to know about your product—price, features, and specifications—which is why you need a perfect product page to showcase what you’re selling. But does a busy entrepreneur have the time?

    A virtual assistant can take charge and build a well-crafted page for your product, based on your directions, of course. They can save you time writing product descriptions, uploading images, and making sure every detail is accurate.


  • E-Commerce Support

    So, you’ve developed, marketed and launched your product. Now, you’ll have to find a way to distribute it.

    If you have a website but no shopping cart system, it would be a stretch to sell your product to your customers. While you can try setting up a shopping cart yourself, there’s no beating an experienced VA who knows how to set up an intuitive webpage.

    This is going to be a time-consuming rendezvous for someone who hasn’t done it before, so it’s fortunate that you can always hire a professional remote worker who can customize and brand your page and ensure it looks professional.

  • Customer Support

    There is still tons of work to do after you’ve launched your product. After all, you have to keep the momentum and capitalize on whatever buzz you’ve created.

    This is where a virtual assistant continues to impress. They can create a robust customer support system. From managing customer queries to collecting feedback, VAs can be of huge value.

    By working with a virtual professional, you not only know where your company stands, performance-wise, but you can also ensure customers are taken care of.

  • Social Media Support

    If you think you’re done with social media just because your product has launched, think again. Things will get even more chaotic with social media platforms. But no worries, a virtual assistant will happily come to your rescue, so you don’t get lost in the jumble.

    VAs can update social media promotions, respond to questions and take note of online sentiments, so you have an idea of how your product is being received. In this way, you can gain more meaningful insights and increase your product’s online visibility.

The Benefits of Launching a Product with a Virtual Assistant

Like a broken record, let us say one more time, “A virtual assistant is a wise investment.”

How so?

First, to launch a product with a virtual assistant will save you money. Hiring a full-time expert to design your product or run your social media channels means going beyond the budget. VAs can be hired for just a fraction of what you would pay a social media specialist or a content writer.

Since everything is happening remotely, you don’t even have to worry about a working space, equipment or utilities—VAs will take care of that for you.

Second, remote professionals can save you time. As an entrepreneur, you know that time is money and therefore, you should spend it on core aspects of your business. By outsourcing a VA, you have more time on your hands to strategize your product launch.

Apart from money and time savings, virtual assistants bring expertise to the table.These are professionals who have worked in various industries, which means they possess a great deal of knowledge that you can leverage. Whatever task you assign to them, trust that they can complete it with efficiency.

The things that a virtual assistant can do for you are endless. This is why everyone you know who is successful and indulges in a work-life balance is delegating tasks to a virtual assistant.

If you have a virtual team from all around the world that tailors their services to match your needs, you can scale and grow your firm a lot faster.

FAQs on Virtual Assistants

What Industry Needs a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual assistants are masters of many skills. As a result, many industries use VA services to get quality jobs done without exhausting their resources.

Here are some of the industries that need a virtual assistant:

  • IT firms

  • SEO Agencies

  • Accounting firms

  • Marketing

  • Legal firms

Is There a Market for Virtual Assistants?

Yes! The global market for virtual assistants is expected to rise as technology advances. In fact, by 2032, the remote services market is expected to reach $100.03 billion.

This isn’t a surprise; many companies and entrepreneurs are looking for virtual assistant services to support the technical, marketing, and administrative tasks of their businesses.

How Do Virtual Assistants Onboard New Clients?

Though VAs don’t have a welcome pack, they make the client onboarding process as easy as possible.

Just remember that the onboarding details vary from one virtual assistant to the next. But here’s how it usually goes:

  • Discovery call: Your virtual assistant will try to understand your frustrations. They would match their services with your needs.

  • Come up with a Proposal: VAs will conduct a background check on your work life. They will check social media channels or your website, and come up with a proposal.

  • Follow Up: After sending clients a proposal, VAs will follow up on those proposals. This is a show that they’re interested, proactive, and eager to work.

  • Make a Contract: Either the virtual assistant or the employer will send a contract that benefits both. This contains all important agreements on confidentiality and payments, which must be agreed and duly signed by both parties.

The Bottom Line

Whether you’re introducing a product on Amazon or eBay, product launching is super stressful. To launch a product with a virtual assistant, however, makes you more confident and prepared to navigate the complexities of product launching.

A virtual assistant will give you more time to focus on what matters most, rather than worrying about the tiny details. You can thrive and ensure a successful launch!

If you’re ready to set up a great launch, feel free to reach out, and we’ll connect you with a virtual assistant!