How To Build Your Online Store with an Amazon Virtual Assistant

Got an Amazon business? The perfect e-commerce reinvention to make more sales is an Amazon virtual assistant, offering support in every step of your online store.

Amazon is an e-commerce oasis that needs no introduction. For online shoppers, it’s literally the next best thing since the discovery of French fries.

Amazon is an online store champ with over 310 million global patrons. Reportedly, 9 out of 10 buyers price-checked products on Amazon on a regular basis. And in every minute, 4000 products are being sold by many small and medium-sized companies.

Just by the numbers, you can see that there’s a potential to grow with Amazon. In light of this, we’d say that any business should consider listing their goods on this very popular e-commerce platform, not just to gain skyrocketing sales but credibility as well.

But as exciting as this prospect is, selling on Amazon is quite tedious, filled with routines and minimal tasks, eating up your precious time.

What to do, then?

What else, hire an Amazon virtual assistant.

Yes, there is such a remote worker, and we’re going to fill you with all the useful information about an Amazon VA, to help you realize that working with one is the best move for your e-commerce team.

What Exactly Does a Virtual Assistant Do?

Still unfamiliar with the term “virtual assistant”?

Well, it’s exactly what the word implies, an online worker who provides a myriad of business-related services such as administrative, finance, marketing and customer service. They mostly deal with the secondary activities that bleed in your time like order processing, answering calls, content creation and chasing payments.

The main purpose of a virtual assistant is to make things easier for you by offering support in every step of your business venture. They are trained and skilled virtual agents who can create freedom and opportunities for any business at an affordable price.

What is an Amazon Virtual Assistant?

Amazon virtual assistants are people who provide offshore services for businesses on Amazon, either part-time or full-time.

It’s a collaboration between the seller (entrepreneur) and the remote worker to effectively manage the Amazon online store. It’s the perfect e-commerce reinvention where a virtual assistant takes care of the mundane tasks remotely, so you can start creating strategies and leading your company to the next level.

Why Using a Virtual Assistant on Amazon Makes Sense

“Work hard. Have fun. Make history.”

The above Amazon 2023 official slogan is not just for dramatic effect, the e-commerce giant makes true of their brand by becoming the go-to shop for many shoppers around the world.

No doubt, Amazon is an opportunity knocking on every retailer’s door. There is so much more to gain, and we’re breaking down some of these benefits below.

  • Earn Credibility and Reputation

    Amazon gained a jaw-dropping 2.45 billion visits per month in 2021 while shipping around 1.6 million packages in a day.

    Those billions and millions are exciting figures that imply one very important thing; many purchasers trust Amazon. Best believe that as a seller on this platform, you’re going to gain some of that massive credibility too.

    New customers buying for the first time will put your product into consideration, knowing that Amazon enforces a standard that makes their online store a trustworthy place to spend.

  • Achieve Global Expansion

    Amazon is a global brand with a devoted 310 million active accounts with a shipping program to over 100 countries.

    That said, once you create product listings on Amazon, you’re flaunting your products at the forefront of millions of engrossed buyers. That’s a whole lot of steady reach that you wouldn’t get in other marketplaces.

    With Amazon, you can use ready tools to manage your online store, choose where you want to expand and create a plan for shipping.

  • Gain More Customers

    In terms of reach, you can think of Amazon as a social media platform with targeting capabilities that rivals Facebook.

    Through the company’s global appeal and expansive advertising such as sponsored display and video ads, you can easily increase sales, even as a startup, and consequently, establish a customer base. Even then with strong competition, you can still make the market.

    How so?

    When shoppers use Amazon, they’re not necessarily looking for a specific store but rather products. Chances are, they might come across your products and discover you. After the first purchase, it’s up to you how to charm them for a repeat transaction.

    Amazon is a great platform for businesses to tap into. All the above advances in selling on Amazon justify why working with an Amazon virtual assistant is a necessary investment to boost this opportunity.

What Is the Work of a Virtual Assistant on Amazon?

If you’re right on board with working with an Amazon virtual assistant, congratulations, you’re steps closer to leveling up.

Now, what can an Amazon VA do for you?

Here are the time-consuming tasks that you can delegate to your newly hired Amazon virtual assistant.

  • Research

    Research is an essential piece of the business intelligence process. It helps you understand the target audience, your products, trends and competitors.

    There are two types of research your Amazon virtual assistant can do; market research and product research.

    Market Research gives you a better understanding of the needs of your customer base, such as, what products are performing well on Amazon.

    On the other hand, product research provides information on the best bargains, wholesale and supplier rates; figures necessary to develop and sell your products.

  • Product Listing

    Every product needs preparation to succeed. However, as a business owner, you can’t do every process in the book to guide the development of a product.

    Product listing, an important sales driver, is a task you can attach to an Amazon virtual assistant to make sure the listing follows the Amazon guideline.

    Trained remote assistants can help you write content and optimize the products. They can even assist you in tracking performances and updating rule/regulation changes in Amazon.

  • Customer Service

    Amazon runs with the motto; “Earth’s most customer-centric company.”

    As such, they’d be the first to agree that customer service is a fundamental aspect of every business.

    One of the ways to make sure that positive reviews are maintained and high-quality experiences are raved about is through the support of an Amazon virtual assistant.

    They will address negative comments and deal with product replacements and orders, prioritizing customers at every point.

    Of course, as the boss, you can also provide guidance using online collaboration tools to your virtual worker, making sure they’re in line with the company’s customer service standards.

  • Order Processing

    Perhaps, order processing is the top-most time-consuming task in managing an online store. For this important but rather repetitive activity, an Amazon virtual assistant comes in to take charge of the purchase workflow from order placement down to its delivery.

    The order processing hassles include arranging the delivery, verifying shipments and checking the units received.

  • Ad Campaigns

    There are plenty of ways to optimize ad campaigns on Amazon to drive more traffic, namely, sponsored products and headline search ads.

    But in order to successfully lead these promotions to sales generation, you need reliable support to run the campaigns.

    Like a skilled and experienced social media VA, an Amazon virtual assistant can make wonders in advertising too. The Amazon VA will set up the plugging, make the necessary adjustments, factor the resources and monitor the ad performances.

In Closing!

When you’re diving headfirst toward e-commerce, the best thing to keep in mind is to be what people are interested in.

Right now, if you’re running an Amazon venture, there’s nothing more enticing for the customers than having a quality experience.

You can address this need today! Hire an Amazon virtual assistant who can support your company’s growth by keeping your Amazon business operation smooth and steady.