Things a Virtual Assistant Could Do to Grow Your Business

Things a Virtual Assistant Could Do to Grow Your Business

Dropping everything to start your own business seems like the best idea you could come up with.

Yes, entrepreneurship is very exciting, but then again, the road to uncharted heights of success is one plagued with challenges.

So, if you’re thinking about growing your business, you need someone to take over the lesser tasks in the office while you concentrate on the bigger picture. Someone who is skilled, trustworthy and gets it done on time — someone like a VIRTUAL ASSISTANT.

Working with a good virtual assistant is the most efficient solution to scaling your business. They can help bring value to your company all the while saving you plenty of resources; time, money and effort.

Here’s an article on the perks of outsourcing a remote worker, detailing the things a virtual assistant could do to grow your business.

How Can a Virtual Assistant Help Your Business?

A virtual assistant is an experienced and skilled worker who remotely offers a wide range of services such as administrative, accounting and marketing to startups, business owners and entrepreneurs.

For some time now, virtual assistant jobs have spanned across industries. And that demand will only grow exponentially, as a VA’s role in the business ecosystem become more and more apparent.

So, while you contemplate adding a virtual assistant to your team, we’ve come up with a list of; what exactly are the things your virtual assistant could do to grow your business.

  • Take Care of the Auxiliary Tasks

    Before you’ve even clocked in for the day, you’re faced with a massive pile on your desk of things to do — data entry, bookkeeping, email marketing, social media management and the list goes on and on.

    Don’t get us wrong, these are essential tasks, but you really don’t have to handle them personally.

    Having a virtual coworker can be a huge help.

    The time you can save passing these time-consuming activities to a remote worker, you can use that to invest in high-value endeavors such as building a strong network or preparing marketing strategies.

  • Scale Your Operations

    At the beginning of your business, you probably have everything under control even as a solo act. But when your company starts gaining traction, it feels like crossing out day-to-day operation requirements is getting harder and harder.

    Yes, you do understand the need to hire new workers, but the process of hiring full-time employees is quite tedious and expensive. You will lose out time and money just to onboard and train them.

    With virtual assistants though, you can scale your operations without the time-consuming and costly exercise of hiring. You will be able to meet customer needs and product demands without breaking the bank.

    Isn’t that great?

    Moreover, this additional help comes with flexible working hours which means that you can have round-the-clock service.

    That 24/7 availability is a key factor in fostering customer loyalty because audiences tend to stay with companies that respond to their needs more quickly. They feel more valued and appreciated, boosting not just customer experience but brand reputation as well.

    And since VAs worked contractually, you can hire and replace them without trouble through a virtual assistant agency or freelance marketplaces — just remember to weed out low-value applicants to find the ones suitable to your needs.

  • Increases Productivity

    So, you have a thing for juggling multiple tasks at once and playing superhero.

    While we commend your versatility, have you ever noticed that because of your insistence on working alone, you’re already compromising the quality of your service?

    There are missed emails, delays in payments and wrong figures on the financial sheets. Don’t let the above mentions be a common scenario, hire a virtual assistant.

    With their knowledge and experience, VAs are more than capable of completing a task that you don’t have a knack and the skills for.

    And because they typically work in their home office, these online helpers are not subjected to the usual workplace nuisance. This means more productive hours with quality results all throughout the day.

  • Reduces Operational Cost

    78 percent.

    That’s the total operational cost you’ll get to save if you ever decide to work with a virtual assistant — it’s a lot.

    Virtual assistants are not regular employees who enjoy additional benefits such as health insurance, paid time off and overtime and mandatory government contributions. What they are, are independent professionals with flexible contracts.

    In addition, VAs don’t go to a physical office so that’s another cut down on workplace rent and equipment.

    For startups and small businesses out there, outsourcing a virtual assistant is a wonderful thing.

  • Promotes Strategic Partnerships

    Do you know one of the secrets of successful companies?

    They know how to strike strategic partnerships with other firms and their workers, leading up to growth and less competition.

    Of course, you can tell the same success story too by hiring and fostering a functional relationship with your virtual assistant.

    More than just fleeting workers on a project, many virtual assistants seek growth in their chosen careers. This means they will go above and beyond to satisfy your needs, so you will continue to hire them and expand their enterprise.

    With training, this remote support can be your strategic partner with shared goals and interests. By letting your VA inside your business process and pushing them to share their ideas and resolves, you’re giving your business a decided advantage.

    When you’re coming together in a common pursuit, and staying to progress, astonishing success is the inevitable end result.

  • Help You Get Organized

    It’s easy to set goals; it’s achieving them that takes time and effort.

    As an entrepreneur, you have so much on your plate that it becomes challenging to stay organized.

    You must know though, that poor organizational structure or lack thereof follows inefficiency —here is where a virtual assistant comes in and makes a difference.

    Hiring a VA encourages a positive and functional working environment. You can rely on their expertise to create processes and systems that promote consistency and standards.

    In that way, you can avoid crippling errors and inaccuracy, seeing more work done.

  • Gives You Access to Global Talents

    Outsourcing eliminates geographical limitations. This means more options for you and more possibilities for finding the right person for the job.

    All the better, with the market expanding, virtual assistants have gone beyond just performing basic clerical tasks to a wide range of specialized jobs.

    You don’t have to limit your choices anymore and risk landing one that doesn’t fit the bill. You’ll have access to top talents for your specific job titles, either from marketplaces or a virtual assistant staffing agency, increasing chances for growth and success.

What Tasks Can a Virtual Assistant Perform for You?

There are more than quite a few.

Virtual assistants are notorious for knowing almost everything in your daily business operation processes.

From the typical administrative roles to the more complex digital marketing, we’ve rounded up some common types of virtual assistant services.

  • Administrative Tasks

    VAs are like personal assistants who deal with day-to-day business activities, making your life so much easier.

    You can count on them for the following admin tasks.

    • Managing Calendar
    • Answering calls and emails
    • Data Entry
    • Bookkeeping
    • Market Research
    • Order Processing
    • Preparing Reports
  • Content Creation

    If you need to create informative and engaging content for your website and social handles, you can hire a virtual assistant.

    They can help you with writing blogs, generating ideas, keyword research, editing and proofreading.

    But more than that, content creation VAs can help you foster a strong relationship with your target market by proactively interacting with them.

  • Lead Generation

    Want to catch prospects without hassle?

    Work with a virtual assistant.

    Lead generation virtual assistant ensures that there is a continuous stream of leads that you can attract and qualify the number of potential customers to your sales funnels.

    They will research, track, maintain, update and nurture those leads.

  • Digital Marketing

    You can count on a virtual assistant on getting the word out and strengthening your brand’s online presence.

    Using a variety of digital channels, they will devise and promote marketing campaigns, keeping your brand at the forefront.

Be Sure to Grow Your Business with a Virtual Assistant!

Effectively, success, at the peak of workplace diversity, is almost improbable without wide collaboration with a virtual assistant.

What a virtual assistant can do for your business is grow it to greater heights.

By seamlessly taking over the little but necessary tasks in your company, VAs can enhance productivity and increase revenue, thanks to their varied skill sets and adaptability.

So, step in the right direction and get a virtual assistant on board.