The Practicalities of Hiring a Virtual Assistant for Bookkeeping

Today, you can be practical about pulsing your company's financial health—hire a virtual assistant for bookkeeping and see why it's your ultimate accounting solution.

Certainty isn’t exactly in the territory of a businessperson. While that keeps the hair on your arms on ends, there’s one thing that might give you confidence when running a business—the numbers, because apparently, they don’t lie.

You can put certainty in the quality of your bookkeeping—say hello to a virtual assistant for bookkeeping!

With their reliable remote hands on the pulse of your company’s financial health, you can streamline the excruciating daily financial operations and make sure they’re done on time.

Yes, you can kiss all the repetitive bookkeeping chores goodbye that are not just responsible for keeping you away from the important stuff but also for the ugly bags under your eyes.

This article features the benefits and practicalities of integrating a virtual assistant for bookkeeping into your business.

Can a Virtual Assistant Do Bookkeeping?


Virtual assistants for bookkeeping offer high-quality remote accounting services for your business.

These days, virtual assistant bookkeeping services are in high demand—from pop-up shops to big conglomerates—business people are vying for VA bookkeepers to save time, money and energy.

How Is Bookkeeping Done Remotely?

Through accounting software such as QuickBooks, a virtual assistant for bookkeeping can manage financial reports, issue invoices, pay bills and perform various bookkeeping tasks from anywhere in the world.

Virtual bookkeepers offer the same services as traditional bookkeepers, but they do it with more benefits in less time.

The Things that You Can Do with a Virtual Assistant for Bookkeeping

There are so many important tasks that you can accomplish in less time with a virtual assistant for bookkeeping and some of them are discussed below:

  • Manage Accounting Software

    Employing accounting software shouldn’t be this hard. It shouldn’t cost you more time and effort, but it’s still downright puzzling to maintain an organized day-to-day transaction record.

    If you want to be more productive, you need a virtual assistant for bookkeeping and their expert knowledge of the different accounting tools to help you understand the system, so you’re not always in doubt about whether you’re doing it right or not.

  • Data Entry

    Are you about to go crazy typing away all these huge amounts of data into your computer system, spreadsheet and whatnot? Don’t wait for the burnout; absolve yourself of the hassle and outsource it.

    Using a virtual assistant for bookkeeping will keep your financial sheets up-to-date and accurate while saving you heaps of time. Remember, every piece of data should be accounted for. You need that not only to calculate taxes but to make a data-driven business decision.

  • Monitor Transactions

    So, they say that financial transactions are the driving force behind your business. They couldn’t have been more right; financial data will paint you a clear picture of how your business is doing daily. Therefore, we suggest letting a VA for bookkeeping keep an eagle eye on your financial dealings while you focus on running the company.

  • Write Financial Reports

    Just so you know, writing a financial report takes a lot of mathematical and a range of technical abilities to accomplish. It can be challenging and quite complicated if your numeracy skills are lacking.

    Be warned that a poorly written report can instantly lead to poor business planning.

    So, if you want accuracy with the figures and stats on your sheets, work with a virtual assistant and let them write you a detailed financial report that you can use to strategize better and improve business growth.

  • Deal with Payroll Preparation

    Let’s say you’re running several businesses, managing your staff’s wages on each one of them can take up too much of your time. Payroll tasks are consuming, especially with concerns about accuracy and time constraints. Fortunately, having a virtual bookkeeping assistant will give you efficiency in dealing with monthly payrolls.

  • Manage Legal Matters

    Another thing that is constant in business is the changing taxes. As the owner, it’s part of your responsibility to look after the legal and regulatory matters of your business—outside of the many hats that you’re wearing every day.

    This is where you need the expert remote hands of a virtual bookkeeper to keep things current with the tax laws and be protected from legal risks that you may not know about.

How Can You Benefit Working with a Virtual Assistant for Bookkeeping

If you’re still on the fence about what makes a virtual assistant for bookkeeping such a practical move for your organization, you might as well consider these heaps of benefits.

  • Greater Flexibility

    Whether you need a virtual assistant for bookkeeping to support your short-term project or ongoing collaboration, they can easily adapt to your needs without financial pressure. Moreover, these remote professionals are equipped to work in various time zones. This means you can always get in touch with them anytime and anywhere in the world.

  • Cost-Savings

    One of the practical reasons why companies opt to hire virtual assistants for bookkeeping is because there is a tremendous amount of money savings to be had. Most VAs will save you up to 78% in operational costs every year. That’s because you no longer have to pay for compensation benefits like paid vacations and health insurance.

    So, if we factor in all those money-saving opportunities along with the other opportunities that you can get from a skilled virtual bookkeeper, you can cut back on a humongous amount of spending on key areas of your business.

  • More Time to Focus on Core Tasks

    The main conundrum for most business owners and entrepreneurs is not having enough time to take care of everything. This a problem that can easily be fixed with a virtual assistant for bookkeeping who can put all the numbers on the ledgers, manage taxes, write reports and everything in between.

    Finally, you get to be more productive with your time, rather than hassling with payments and receivables all day.

  • Accuracy in Forecasting

    It’s easier for you to make informed business decisions if you have accurate financial information. In a way, it gives you the power to calculate the probability of things ever happening just by the numbers.

    If you have a top-notch virtual assistant from around the globe, you can get data in real-time and accomplish accurate forecasting. In business, you can’t rely on guesswork; reports on balance sheets will give you a true picture of your company’s financial status.

  • High Quality Work

    If you can catch errors, you’ll be able to avoid plenty of hassles down the road. A virtual assistant for bookkeeping is on a mission to save you from the errors of principle and late payments. But more than that, they can save you plenty of time and money.

    VAs offer unique skills that you don’t have. They’re quick as a wink to identify costly mistakes in your bookkeeping—faults that you wouldn’t have noticed if you were bookkeeping yourself. Having a trusted pair of eyes to stay on top of your numbers is invaluable for your cash flow every month.

  • Better Productivity and Efficiency

    Apart from the intangible skills that a VA brings to the table, they also have the gift of time. Compared to remote workers, in-house employees are said to be only productive for about 3 hours in a given workday.

    Hiring a virtual assistant for bookkeeping will ensure you’re paying hours with value since these remote workers only get paid for the work they complete. In this way, you can keep things within the budget while staying productive.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is There a Way to Automate Bookkeeping?

You can automate bookkeeping using accounting applications and keep track of your sales tax, monthly bills and other financial dealings a lot faster.

Even better, you can employ VAs to automate your manual bookkeeping processes and free up some valuable time for your accounting department to deal with more complex accounting issues.

What Does a Bookkeeper Assistant Do?

A bookkeeper assistant assists bookkeepers in managing financial information and transactions. They are commonly tasked with preparing reports and reconciling bank accounts.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant for Bookkeeping is Practical for Your Business!

Entrepreneurs are visionaries who excel at being innovative and juggling many tasks without ever dropping the ball. But truth be told, when it comes to money matters, they may not have the time nor the skills to manage it well. The most cost-effective solution would be to hire a virtual assistant for bookkeeping.

VAs are good for your growing business. They have all the benefits galore to top off the things they can do for you, accurately and timely. Plus, they can cut back on costs and save time, which a company with scarce resources strongly demands.

So, why hassle when you could be efficient? Hire a virtual assistant!