Web Developer: A Good Reason To Spend Your Dime

Web Developer: A Good Reason To Spend Your Dime

For a company of any size, a website is a huge deal. Why? Simple, it’s the world of the internet where every piece of information is at the point of our fingertips.

Whatever you do, buy goods, connect with people, read a blog or watch videos — it’s all on the web.

And by missing out on a website, you’re basically forgoing the chance to reach a broader audience.

So, while you’re still contemplating if it’s worth a couple of thousand bucks to hire a web developer, we’re telling you now, it’s one of the essentials to sending your business profit into many folds.

What is a Web Developer?

A web developer is a person who creates a website. Their main job is to build a website that is aesthetically appealing and has easy user functionality.

But outside of that, they also take care of its technical capacity and performance.

Types of Web Developers

There are three types of web developers who fall into different categories.
  • Front-end developers deal largely with the visual aspect of a website, handling the physical layout, integrating the graphics and making sure that visitors can easily navigate and interact with the page.
  • Back-end developers work and maintain the mechanism that powers the processing of data and other core applications and integrations. They build, write and verify codes, uniting all things front-end developers create.
  • Full stack developers handle both the front-end and back-end responsibilities. They simply work on all facets of web development.

From the user interface down to connecting the website to the server, a full-stack developer’s broad knowledge strengthens and ensures the website’s proficiency.

Is Hiring a Web Developer Worth It?

Should I hire a web developer to create a website? Can’t I build it on my own? Is it really that hard?

You’re bogged down by all of these questions when you should just be focusing on four important elements; time, money, experience and complexity of the project.

  • Are you willing to spend money?
  • Do you have the time to create a website from scratch?
  • Do you have website development experience to back up your project?
  • What extent is the complexity of your current project?

Here’s the thing, if you’re in the startup business and just want to keep it simple and make an introduction in the market, you can dedicate the time to learn and create how to build a website.

However, if you’re more serious about scaling your company, you need a high-quality website to build trust and establish credibility.

Of course, the only way to achieve this is to put some money into your goal and hire a web developer.

But, is it really worth it?

Perhaps, the benefits listed below will solidify the answer to that question for you.

More Competitive

Web developers are called professionals for a reason.

When they build a website, they examine the competition in advance. They plan and create the most enticing appearance and functionality that rivals your strongest competition.

Saves Time

Let’s be honest, creating a website takes a lot of time especially if you don’t have the knack and knowledge for it.

Apart from the appealing graphics, you’re also going to work on the data flow of the website. So, if you don’t know anything about coding then it’s going to be an uphill battle.

Hire a web developer and you can immediately get rid of the hurly-burly of web development.

In the business concept, more time means more money. By investing in a website today, you’re actually capitalizing in the industry for the long run.

Up to Date with Technology

An experienced and organized web developer knows the current technology. So, whatever platform the developer sets up for your business, rest assured it’s modern and updated with more handy features available for page visitors.

SEO Competent

If you aim to get more visibility and opportunities online, then you need SEO tools.

SEO is an essential feature that a knowledgeable web developer knows how to leverage. This will support your firm tremendously, by integrating your site with updated SEO techniques for optimal ranking.


Nowadays, people expect businesses to have an online presence —adhering to one means taking that huge step to building trust.

Because clients are more inclined toward a company when they have visibility through their site’s features and navigation.

Increased credibility translates to keeping more users on your site.

How To Find a Web Developer? And How Do I Hire a Good Web Developer?

Now that you know how paramount a web developer is in a business, perhaps, you’re ready to take the next step to find a web developer.

But how exactly are you going to do that?

You need to consider these important variables in your decision-making first, before saying “yes” to an applicant.

These are the steps of the web developer hiring process:

Set a Budget

The question is, how much are you willing to pay?

Pricing for a web developer varies from one person to the next, depending on skill level and what you need.

Hence, it is necessary to set an upper limit of the cost, so that you will be able to determine what level of web development you want and where to best find it.

The Type of Web Developer You Want

There’s a crowd of web development platforms that you can choose from. This is actually great news for employers because now, they get to tap into many diverse talents across the globe at a competitive pricing.

For your web developer search, the best starting point would be the freelancers. They’re easily accessible and cheap.

Here are some of the best freelancing international marketplaces for not just web developers, but for digital marketing online assistant, online business manager and other essential outsourced job titles.

  • 1. Upwork
  • 2. Fiverr
  • 3. Arc
  • 4. Toptal
  • 5. PeoplePerHour

Another good provider are agencies like vav.asia. In comparison, they’re a bit expensive because you’re paying for experts who are better communicators and have faster turnaround times.

Check Out the Portfolio and Testimonials

If you want to hire a good web developer, then it’s a MUST to look at previous projects and read through client testimonials.


By checking out experiences and satisfaction rates, you will have an insight into how the candidates will go about the work and what they could potentially create for the company.

In addition, scanning through portfolios is a great way to learn and understand the general concept of web development.


Setting the budget isn’t enough, you also have to compare the prices.

You have to find the right web developer that you can afford. This phase can get really complicated because you don’t know exactly the price of creating a website.

So, it’s best to get a quote from a few developers so you can compare. Depending on the budget, you can decide whom to hire; the one who charges less or the one with more reputable credentials.

Ask Questions

Web development is pretty difficult to understand if you don’t have any background in the industry.

The good news is, freelancers and agencies will be more than willing to sit down and explain things to you.

So, throw out all the questions that have been plaguing you.

But don’t forget to ask them to go about things in a simple and concise manner. If they’re able to do that, then that’s a clear sign that there’s a huge potential in moving forward.

Ask Around and Shop Around

Don’t let freelancers and agencies pressure you into doing things.

Spend more time browsing for more web developers. This way you can have a much more profound idea of what work is necessary to meet your goal.

Also, you can ask other people in the same industry as you for references. Since they go through the same market hustle, they have inside information about certain agencies and freelancers that’ll be very helpful in your decision-making.

Final Note!

Your website is the main connection between you and your clients.

If you want to generate leads and drive traffic, you need to stop perceiving web development as a do-it-yourself job.

Start building your brand. Be noticeable and impactful, hire a WEB DEVELOPER now!