Go Inbox Clutter-Free with an Email Management Virtual Assistant

Working with an email management virtual assistant is an effective way of saving cost, improving productivity and freeing your time, so you can work as you please.

When you apply for work, schedule meetings or request a document, email is the de facto means of communication. Statistically, in 2023, worldwide numbers showed that there are around 347.3 billion emails that are received and sent each day — that’s way, way beyond the people on earth.

Clearly, emails are in deep in our everyday adventures that it’s rather difficult to grow a career without it.

In the workplace, the power of email is much stronger. Many organizations rely on emails for collaboration because it’s cheap, fast and accessible.

Though handling emails may not seem like a laborious task, an influx of them is tedious work of sorting out which ones need immediate response and which ones can be chilled for later.

So, how do you get control over it?

Thankfully, there’s an email management virtual assistant who can rescue you from an absolute email trainwreck.

With their help, you can sleep in comfort knowing that you’re waking up to inbox zero; emails sorted and clutter-free.

What is Email Management?

Email management is the systematic process of organizing your electronic messages which includes the tasks of sorting, deleting, retaining, prioritizing and labeling.

Email management is a business essential. In fact, it accounts at around 30 percent of a regular employee’s 8-hour workload. Though that time could be reduced depending on how an organization can optimize their workers email handling.

The best thing about email management, is how it can maximize job productivity and satisfaction by reducing the time wasted on email handling inefficacy.

Right now, there are many software tools that can be used to effectively manage emails. You need only to find one that suits your needs.

What is an Email Management Virtual Assistant?

An email management virtual assistant is a contractual worker who manages your inbox by sorting out email priorities, answering queries, making follow-ups and scheduling appointments.

These professional take care of your most time-consuming email tasks and accordingly, save you from constant email wrestles.

Word to the wise though, if you want to feel more engaged at work, managing emails is not enough, you need to polish your calendar as well. That’s why we suggest adding a calendar management virtual assistant to the team, besides your email VA.

Email and calendar managements are the best places to start to free a boatload of your time.

How Your Email Would Look Like with a Virtual Assistant

You can say it, managing emails is challenging and sometimes annoying.

That’s why you need someone else to do it, an email management virtual assistant with the right skills to keep your emails neat and modified.

While you contemplate some more whether you need the hire, here’s a list of the ways an email management VA could be of help to you.

  • Emails Sorted by Category

    Not just in emails but in other parts of the business operation as well, like your online store being managed by an Amazon virtual assistant for instance; the more organized the operation is, the less likely you’re going to miss the urgent stuff.

    An email management virtual assistant sorts out your emails by category, ensuring that you can get to the important matters first, and that you’re always moving forward.

  • Fast Email Responses

    Not replying to emails is bad for business, because in many ways, responding immediately to inquires shows credibility which eventually leads to trust and loyalty.

    So, what do you do when you’re super busy that you don’t have the time to scroll through your emails one by one?

    Hire an email management virtual assistant. This remote asset will take care of your inbox and get on to your email responses fast.

  • Regular Follow-Ups

    Do you know that by doing follow-ups you’re putting value to your customers? And, thus, it improves overall customer experience.

    Though time-consuming, follow-ups can raise potential leads which can turn into a paying customer.

    So, while you’re busy leading your company to promise-land, your email management VA will keep your leads in the-know and support your lead generation virtual assistant in getting prospects to the sales funnel.

  • Stay on Top of Things

    You’re out of town for some business trip for a week; no internet connection and no access to a computer. For sure, those few days will turn your inbox in total chaos.

    How do you solve your email problems while you’re away?

    Simple, with an email management VA who can set up your auto-email responses for you. In this way, people who might contact you for urgent matters are well-informed and can still keep in touch using other channels like a phone call or a text message.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience

    When you have a professional whose main focus is to keep your emails sleek and clean, your work becomes seamless.

    By addressing matters fast, you’re not only being productive but you’re also providing excellent customer support. Through this superb treatment, you’ll make each client feel appreciated and well-tended.

How an Email Management VA Supports Your Company’s Overall Process

If your email handling is a mess, then you’re someone who knows the value of an email management virtual assistant job.

The following are some of the email management tasks that your virtual assistant can help you with.

  • Email Marketing

    Email marketing is a tool for nurturing leads, where you’re sending out promotional emails to many people within your contact list.

    For this very special assignment, you need email management VAs to ensure your marketing efforts are not in vain. They will create newsletters with engaging virtual assistant email templates.

    In a nutshell, you’re expanding your reach without putting so much time and effort.

  • Administrative Work

    Part of the email assistant jobs is managing the administrative work. These are tasks related to email management like forwarding messages, labeling items and deleting emails.

    By delegating this menial activity, you’ll have more time for the core ones.

  • Writing Emails

    When it seems like you’ve already identified how an email management virtual assistant works, you’d be surprised to know that they’re also handy in crafting quality email content.

    Like a professional social media management virtual assistant, email management VAs can write sales pitches and customer inquiries like a pro, and sell it with a big impression.

  • Inbox Organization

    This may be perhaps, the most basic task of an email management virtual assistant; inbox organization.

    It’s hard to stay on top of things when you can barely keep up with your overwhelming inbox, correct?

    But now, with a virtual helper who knows a thing or two about email management tricks like creating label and folders, you can go about your work without clutters slipping through unnoticed.

The Benefits of Working with an Email Management Virtual Assistant

Email management is a practice where time, craft and resource meet.

And an email management VA is the embodiment of that coming together.

So, as always, when great things unite, you’re in it for some astounding results.

  • Reduced Cost

    Email management virtual assistants work when you need them and only get paid for the hours they spend working.

    In addition, you don’t need to pay for the benefits nor office equipment as you would have with a traditional worker.

    So, you’re basically saving cost from additional compensation, and operation to equipment — isn’t that just perfect?

  • Time Saving

    When you hire an email management VA, you won’t have to spend 30 percent of your time going over your emails. Your online worker will handle it for you, so you’re free to do the high-quality work that needs more of your attention.

  • Keeps You Sane

    Doing everything on your own without taking a breather can make anyone go crazy — honest.

    Handing over the load of managing your emails to a virtual assistant will take that weight off your shoulders.

    In this way, you can maintain a work-life balance and be highly productive.

  • Better Organization

    What do you need email management virtual assistants for, if not to organize your emails?

    A virtual assistant’s knack for maintaining emails offers an easier access to important messages. They know how to incorporate filters to automatically manage your messages.

    Aftereffect? A much, much, better organization.

Ready for Inbox Perfection?

Email is an old-school gem of digital communication that has been long effective as a marketing strategy.

By adding value to email management through hiring an email management virtual assistant, you’re not only strengthening your email marketing, but also freeing your time so you can focus on the critical tasks of the business.

A win-win in almost all fronts; operation, cost, marketing and productivity.

Declutter your email and raise to productivity now; work with an email management virtual assistant.