Crucial Virtual Assistant KPIs for Measuring Your VA’s Performance

Virtual assistant KPIs are crucial to ensure you’re getting the best out of your remote worker. Track and calculate using these major VA performance metrics.

Virtual assistants are changing the workplace—from commuting to a physical central office under a strict schedule to working from anywhere, anytime.

Businesses that once resisted remote work are now bear-hugging it fully and are even considering making it a permanent part of their business model. Where is this energy for a remote work setting coming from?

Despite not having the same advantages, remote workers are about 40% more productive than the employees you have in the office. Plus, they’re very cheap to hire.

So, if you’re planning to hire virtual support, you might want to consider implementing these important virtual assistant KPI metrics to ensure they deliver with the same standards you set for your company.

Then perhaps you can come up with your performance improvement plan for administrative assistant, or for whatever support you have in there.

The Challenges of Assessing Your Virtual Assistant

At the start of your virtual collaboration, you have little idea of whether or not your virtual assistant is truly capable of delivering the results you expect. That’s why it is important that you can properly evaluate them once they start working for you.

But many employers, like yourself perhaps, find it really challenging to assess the performances of their VAs for many reasons, namely:

  • Don’t know how to measure.

    Most entrepreneurs hire without even knowing what tasks they want their remote workers to perform or whether or not they have the skills that directly contribute to their goals. This adds to the challenge of being unsure of how to assess their VA's capabilities in handling their assigned task.

  • Untimely feedback

    Your feedback will tell you and them whether or not expectations are met. If your VAs are falling short, they should know about it so they can fine-tune their performance. Also, it’s much easier to course-correct when you’re not falling behind.

    The sooner you deliver your feedback, the faster you get the results you require.

  • Wrong metric

    How do you assess your virtual assistant’s performance? Is it by the number of tasks they complete in a day? While that may be a good way to measure their efficiency, it is not always the best way to gauge their performance.

What is KPI?

KPI stands for Key Performance Indicator, which is a quantifiable metric used to monitor performance for a specific objective. This measure of performance helps set goals and determine certain areas that need to be improved. It will give you targets to aim for and valuable insights that can guide you.

By evaluating KPIs, you can determine your strengths and weaknesses, using this information to make data-driven decisions and increase your chances of achieving your goals.

What is a Virtual Assistant KPI

Though virtual assistants don’t go to an actual office, they are still pretty similar to hiring a worker overseas. This is why it is a great practice to set a KPI for your virtual assistant, or KPI for executive assistant for that matter.

Remote workers should not be exempted from being evaluated on their impact and productivity and should be held to the same standards you have in your company.

Reasons Why You Should Implement Virtual Assistant KPI

Through KPI, you can gather important insight into the performance of your VA and ensure every task is handled with efficiency.

  • Measure Efficiency

    Since you can’t possibly hover over everything your VA does, you need to find some other way to measure whether or not they’re meeting expectations. Using KPI will do that for you and will serve as your checklist, breaking down your virtual assistant’s competency.

  • Achieve Long-term Potential

    Your virtual assistant is your investment, and you need to know whether or not they will make a profit in the long run.

    KPI will help you decide if there’s potential to be had with your VA. To do that, you have to set measurable targets for your remote worker, which have to be related to how they perform in their actual task.

  • Stay on Track

    KPI will help your virtual assistant stay on track in reaching your desired results—how close or how far they are from them. With this knowledge, you can modify strategies accordingly.

Important Virtual Assistant KPIs You Should Optimize to Ensure You’re Getting the Best Out of Your VA

With these virtual assistant KPIs, you can finally optimize your VA contributions to your company and ensure your investment is yielding great results.

Here are the top virtual assistant KPIs that will help you get the best out of your VA partnership.

  • Time Management

    It’s pretty evident that time management improves the effectiveness of a business. Your virtual assistant’s job requires them to juggle tasks and to always be on top of things.

    Boosting performance by measuring their ability to get to their priorities for the day and plan out what they would be doing for the rest of the work week (which can be a great company secretary KPI) is an impeccable display of time management and efficiency.

  • Response Time

    Fast response time is vital if you are to build retention, loyalty and confidence in your virtual assistant. It is also a major factor in maintaining effective communication with them and determining areas for improvement in your communication.

    If your VA can respond to your email and request promptly, it provides reassurance that work is progressing smoothly and ensures that potential issues are being addressed accordingly. It demonstrates the level of your VA’s reliability and dedication to meet your standards and achieve your business goals.

    Fast response time can be a great KPI for an assistant store manager, giving you insight into their responsiveness and leadership ability in prioritizing workload.

  • Quality of Work

    Using quality of workload as your virtual assistant KPI will ensure that tasks are completed to high standards. It demonstrates your VA's professionalism and their ability to deliver work adhering to your expectations.

    This metric, when constantly evaluated, will offer guidance to your remote workers. The amount of constructive feedback that you can gather from it will help them improve their performance and make certain that the work they do contributes to your company's growth.

  • Proactivity

    When your virtual assistants are proactive, they tend to thrive and be more productive. This means they’re not just keen on completing their assigned tasks but also have the eagerness to initiate solutions, improvements and strategies to handle tasks effectively.

    Proactivity as your virtual assistant or admin KPI provides you with an understanding of their enthusiasm towards work and how they would go above and beyond to boost their efficiency.

    Simply put, a proactive virtual assistant will constantly chase opportunities. It’s a mindset that will keep them ahead of the pack, whether it’s overcoming obstacles or seeking innovative solutions.

  • Collaboration

    Your virtual assistant may be working from another part of the globe, but at times, they will have to collaborate with other professionals in your business. This means they must have the emotional intelligence and collaboration skills to deal with clients and partners.

    The ability to work with other companies or people should be viewed as an important KPI for your remote professional, as this would help your business move forward.

  • Communication

    Communication is vital to success. Your VA will be dealing with team members within the company while working on a project, so it’s not enough that they just do the work. They must be able to communicate concerns and updates clearly and timely to ensure efficient collaboration.

    This virtual assistant KPI allows you to measure your VA’s ability to effectively communicate and understand your expectations.

  • Client Satisfaction

    Client satisfaction gives you a look at where your virtual assistant excels and how well they can meet your expectations. It is also a great indicator of their performance and effectiveness at work.

    Say, come up with a virtual executive assistant performance review. That way, you can gauge your client’s experience with your VA and their level of satisfaction. It will help you recognize areas for improvement and showcase your remote worker’s willingness to listen to constructive criticism.

    This is a virtual assistant KPI approach that will not only elevate your VA's performance but also strengthen your business-client relationship.

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Measuring your virtual assistant’s performance by using KPI not only helps you achieve excellent results from your investment but also gives you the power to optimize your VA’s contributions to your company.

Through these metrics, you can gather valuable insight and make data-driven decisions—just remember that this is a continuous process that needs ample time.

On that note, let us help you manage your VA teams. We have a skilled pool of talents who are committed to thriving with you.