Want To Get Ahead of Business? Try Social Media Virtual Assistant

Want To Get Ahead of Business? Try Social Media Virtual Assistant

If you’re looking anywhere else for opportunities but miss social media, then you’re definitely looking at the wrong place.

Seriously, who runs businesses these days without social proof?

Many companies have Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, to name a few, embedded into their job description for strong marketing strategies.

Social media platforms are the gateway to building a direct relationship with your target audience with a limitless reach. No middleman, no whatsoever, it’s just you and your most treasured resource; the customers.

While it’s super easy to get lost in the stream of voices, a social media virtual assistant can help a lot in keeping things tight, updated and organized.

Truly, it might be the next best thing you’ll ever incorporate into the business, and this article will show why.

What is a Social Media Virtual Assistant?

A social media VA is a remote worker who manages and maintains the company’s social media platforms, on your behalf. The job description includes crafting powerful content, setting post schedules and monitoring engagement.

Ultimately, the main goal is to raise the company’s brand on social media while adhering to social media marketing tactics.

Having said that, is a virtual assistant the same as a social media manager?

Apart from the word “digital” attached to both of these job titles, they’re pretty much diverse.

In terms of functioning, these two play very different roles. A human virtual assistant is more focused on administrative tasks or secondary activities that are low-level work but somehow contribute to the overall core tasks like replying to a client’s email per se.

Inversely, social media managers are dedicated to growing your social media presence. They come up with content ideas to feed engagement on social channels.

So now, if you’re wondering whether or not a virtual assistant can be a social media manager, the short answer is, YES.

However, this is highly dependent on the remote worker’s qualifications. Some virtual assistants have a marketing background which makes them eligible to take the position.

But before you get too excited about the possibility, you may want to consider the “overwhelming” factor of relying on one person to handle two jobs. You can lower the cost but risk poor quality instead, so it might not be the best route.

Needless to say, they work better as complementary roles.

What Tasks Does a Social Media VA Do?

As the word implies, a social media virtual assistant spends most of its time lounging on your social media accounts.

Of course, they’re not there for nothing. They’re on guard, making sure your company’s online presence is felt over the internet to drive leads further.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, there’s an overabundance of social media virtual assistant tasks, your VA can do for you.

  • Create Quality Content

    Perhaps, one of the strongest suits of a social media VA is their ability to wear many hats including content creation in all different forms.

    So, what should virtual assistants post on social media?

    From repurposing long-form videos, and copywriting to cross-posting, you can count on your VA to make a bang on your feeds.

    The trick is to always make the posts informative and fun. People also find it interesting when content is experience-driven, with an air of being inspirational.

  • Do Market Research

    Anyone who has done work on the market knows exactly the lengthy research that runs along with it. This is especially apparent in social media where trends keep changing like the weather.

    While busy entrepreneurs don’t have the time to spend browsing, social media virtual assistants are ready to do the tough grind. Trained and experienced, they understand what works and which tactics to use to reach your target market.

  • Elevate Social Media Profiles

    Have you ever wondered why you’re not gaining followers? Or which platform is best suited for a specific strategy? You probably do, but you can’t do much about it because you’re too absorbed in running the business.

    Luckily, a social media VA can rescue you from these profit-dragging conundrums. They’ll help you assess, set up and then, get you as many clicks as possible.

  • Examine the Competition

    The competition is getting more and more aggressive because now, your closest rivals are just a click away. Thus, to stay in the race, you need to go deep with competitor analysis and find a gap where you can penetrate.

    When starting a business with a VA, you’re certain that someone’s keeping an eye on the competition. As a result, you’ll know who sells the same products as yours and round up information on their campaigns.

    With your social media virtual assistant’s help, you’ll get the upper hand and soon, get a much bigger audience share.

  • Amplify Engagement

    What are you posting for? You have every intention of doing it because you want to drive interaction from your audience, correct?

    However, merely posting won’t be enough, if no one’s paying attention. The point is to create the loudest social noise, make comments and encourage others to join in.

    Thankfully, with a skilled VA, you can keep your social community busy and thriving.

  • Discover Potential Opportunities

    As mentioned, social media is like a floodgate of opportunities. But you wouldn’t be catching the outpour if you’re too busy to even notice.

    So, we suggest, collaborating with social media virtual assistants and in return, they’ll help you collaborate with an influencer — how’s that?

    Finding influencers and connecting with them, is just right on a VAs alley. With their excellent communication skills and premeditated maneuvers, you’ll get that dream collab and raise your marketing campaign.

Some Hacks Before Working with a Social Media VA

Now that you know what the best social media virtual assistants can do, it’s about time you also learn how to work with one.

Here are the necessary steps to take before finally committing.

  • What’s the objective?

    There’s no doubt that a social media VA can help you do an incredible number of things, but only, if you direct them in the right direction.

    That said, think hard about what is it you want to achieve. Do you want to increase leads? Or do you want to boost your brand?

    By being very clear about the objectives, you can set the steps to get there and be successful about it.

  • Do Some Documentation

    Let’s get this straight, social media virtual assistant jobs are not the same as social media strategists. Social media virtual assistant skills aren’t cut out to take on such a role.

    As the owner, you’re the de facto “implementer” and as for strategizing, you can hire a specialist for that.

    So, where does a VA fit into all of these? Well, this outsourced help will do the execution. But first, you need to consider…

    • The daily tasks they need to perform.
    • How will they go about the work?
    • What’s their level of social media access?
    • To what extent are they accounted for?

    You need to properly document, in order to have a sense of direction for your VAs. In this way, you can easily incorporate them into the workflow and the overall thought process of social media operation.

  • Choose Your Virtual Assistant

    Look, all men are created equal. Yet, in terms of skills and qualities, no one is the same.

    This is so true with virtual assistants too, that’s why you need to know first, what to look for, and second, where to look for it.

    Here are some of the virtual assistant skills and quality requirements.

    • Excellent written and oral communication skills
    • Analytical skills
    • In the KNOW of the latest trends
    • Has an eye for detail and design
    • Excellent time management skills

    With the digital shift, finding outsourced help has never been easier. There are many social media virtual assistant websites like Upwork, LinkedIn and Fiverr with economical social media virtual assistant rates that will surely work for your budget.

    Check on this to-do list and then get started.


Social media is the ultimate platform to expand your reach and build relationships.

And the key to making it a success is to listen, craft and engage.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to get there without giving time and effort. So, as a business owner with no hours left to spare, let someone else do it for you.

Hire a social media virtual assistant and be where your customers are.