Repetitive Tasks Can Be Accomplished Efficiently By…

Repetitive tasks can be accomplished efficiently by outsourcing virtual assistants. Find out how you can survive an energy-zapping workload with a VA.

Of course, you want to get your productivity high, because that way your business gets to progress. But how can you speed things up when every repetitive task is putting you to sleep and slowing you down?

The good news is that repetitive tasks can be accomplished efficiently by hiring a virtual assistant. Didn’t you know that these remote professionals are experts at finishing the tasks that bore you? You don’t even have to pay much, nor do you have to train them.

Choosing the right VA is a hiring decision that makes sense.

What Are Repetitive Tasks?

These are tasks that involve actions that are fast and repeated and rather boring.

You know, the kind of work where you get to sit in a fixed position for long periods and waste 60% of your time. When tasks are not engaging, it’s hard to keep focused. With a constant lack of motivation, your effectiveness will nosedive.

Repetitive tasks kill creativity and productivity and even harm your overall well-being. But even though repetitive tasks meaning are somewhat meaningless in the grand scheme of things, they are still necessary for your company’s daily operation.

So, instead of leaving them on the curb because they frustrate you, there are effective ways to handle repetitive tasks.

How to Handle Repetitive Tasks at Work

Check out the different ways you can survive repetitive tasks in the office.

  • Divide the Task

    Don’t tackle the entire task immediately; break it into segments or parts. In this way, you can focus more.

  • Take a Break

    Take a breather, walk outside and move your body. Refresh your mind so you feel more energized as you tackle your most time-consuming tasks.

  • Set Goals

    Setting goals will help you stay on track. Throughout the day, create achievable objectives. So even if you’re stuck on a repetitive task, you can still stay motivated.

  • Organize Your Tasks

    The more organized you are, the more productive you will be. Create a workflow for smooth management and speed things up.

  • Automate Tasks

    There are so many automation tools that you can use to handle all your repetitive tasks to speed up your work. If you can integrate these platforms, you will have more time for more important tasks.

  • Delegate to a Virtual Assistant

    Yes, you can share the burden and let someone else take care of the tasks that cause you a lot of pain. Virtual assistants are trained to handle repetitive tasks, and they can do so, faster than you can. Whether it’s bookkeeping or email management, these remote professionals are efficient.

    You won’t be bored anymore, and then you can do more with your time. It’s a win-win!

Repetitive Tasks Examples and How Can a Virtual Assistant Help

For you to understand how amazing virtual assistants are at freeing up your time and letting you do the things you enjoy while growing your business, here’s a list of repetitive tasks example and the ways a VA can make a huge difference:

  • Calendar Management

    You can’t afford to miss an important meeting with a client. But it happens anyway because you’re stuck with so many responsibilities. Thankfully, a virtual assistant can polish your daily planner and help you avoid any scheduling problems like double bookings.

    So instead of giving 30 minutes or so of your time to managing your calendar, this skilled worker will deal with it for you, so you have enough time for everything.

    Find out how to improve time management.

  • Database Management

    You want to reach out to a client, but you can't find the phone number. Now, what? Database management is one of the most tedious tasks you can find in your workload.

    Your virtual assistant can keep your database organized and updated, so you can easily access the information you need and avoid spending 45% to 80% of your time wrangling data.

  • Customer Service

    Your business is growing. Great! But along with scaling, the emails and calls from clients are starting to get hectic. Now, you’re juggling answering clients, checking emails and everything in between.

    If only you have a VA who can monitor your inbox, answer calls and reply to emails, then you don’t have to make clients wait and miss an opportunity.

    Remember, customer satisfaction heavily lies in how fast you can reply. You need to be quicker than ever—one thing that a VA can deliver.

Other Repetitive Tasks You Can Outsource to a Virtual Professional

  • Answer phone calls.
  • Research
  • Data entry
  • Social media management
  • Travel planning
  • Invoicing
  • Payment processing
  • Video editing

There are so many repetitive tasks that can be accomplished efficiently by a virtual assistant and get better results than if you were to handle them yourself. And do you know what makes it even better?

Many skilled remote assistants from all over the world are willing to do the work for just half the price of hiring a full-time in-house worker. This means you’re getting the support you need and perhaps more, without busting your budget.

Tips on How to Automate Repetitive Tasks at Work

By automating tasks, your productivity has the potential to skyrocket.

Here are some task automation process tips, so you can start focusing on the work that matters instead of stressing over the repetitive tasks.

  • Spot the Repetitive Tasks

    Start by listing all the time-consuming tasks in your everyday activities. These are the tasks that don’t require specific skills and can be handled with little decision-making but have the power to suck your time. Tasks like creating reports or monitoring data are candidates for automation.

    Find all these tasks. You can observe and use surveys and interviews to identify these repetitive patterns. Which tasks are repeated? Answer that question and start from there.

  • Evaluate Automation Potential

    After you have spotted the routine work, you need to evaluate which tasks where automation will have the biggest impact. To do this, consider some criteria like task frequency and complexity. How much time and money do you stand to save if you were to automate the process?

    This is about striking some balance—find an aspect of your operation where automation can be felt without having to remove human insight. If you can do this right, you can work faster and create an efficient workflow.

  • Find Automation Solutions

    Automating repetitive tasks frees up your time as well as that of your team to concentrate on more impactful work. So, when looking for an automation solution, consider compatibility with your company’s existing technology or tools. Also, don’t forget to use user-friendly platforms.

  • Execute

    Once you’ve decided on your automation platform, execute automation and train your workers in the new processes.

    Don’t scale broadly yet; start small. You need to test and fine-tune the automation process before you integrate the tool across the organization.

  • Measure Effectiveness

    Measure your automation efforts to know if they’re effective. You can use several metrics, including the following:

  • Time saved

    Assess the time spent on each task before and after automation.

  • Error reduction

    After you’ve implemented the automation process, make a comparison of the frequency of errors before and after.

  • Costs saved

    Evaluate the operational cost savings with the automated process. Don’t forget to also weigh in the indirect cost savings like error reductions and productivity levels.

  • Employee satisfaction

    Try to understand the impact on your worker’s morale. What’s the job satisfaction level?

    Refining your automation strategies is a continuous process. You can use these metrics to do just that and gather feedback. The purpose of this step is not to assess but to push for continuous improvement.

    The main goal of automation is to save you more time so you can focus on strategic work that generates profit. As such, automation is a natural fit for a virtual assistant.

    With automation, a VA can take on several diverse tasks and expand operations. Yes, you can cut down on the work of many repetitive tasks without having to hire more staff. That is the magic of a remote assistant.

To Conclude

Doing the same tasks over and over again can make a person go crazy and lose interest. But don’t get demoralized because of it; repetitive tasks can be accomplished efficiently by hiring a virtual assistant, automation and some—just like we told you.

By thinking outside the box and with a little effort, you can find opportunities and success, even in your workday's most mundane, repetitive tasks.

Click here and find the virtual assistant who can pixie-dust away your most painful workload of the day.