Do More About Success with a LinkedIn Virtual Assistant

Do More About Success with a LinkedIn Virtual Assistant

Before Facebook was even born, there was LinkedIn; a popular professional network on the internet, hosting more than 900 million users in over 200 countries.

But unlike the former, LinkedIn is not your typical social dais where you share selfies with friends, rant about your boyfriend or post about your cat.

NO — this platform is where you can connect, build and strengthen relationships and learn new skills; all to boost your professional sphere.

So, if you’re asking whether you need a virtual assistant to run the business on your LinkedIn, the brief answer is: YES.

No doubt, LinkedIn offers huge opportunities for entrepreneurs from brand building to creating an extensive spindle of contacts.

With the help of a LinkedIn virtual assistant, you’ll get to effectively tap into all LinkedIn scopes without being overwhelmed.

In this blog post, we’ll ponder what makes LinkedIn so important and all the ways your LinkedIn virtual assistant can help you with.

3 Reasons Why LinkedIn Matters

Entrepreneurs and job seekers should be seen on LinkedIn — would you dare think otherwise?

You know, you should be. Yet, there are still many who don’t realize the power that comes with LinkedIn.

And for those who have one, probably, after creating an account and working on the basic stuff, copy-pasted and half-done; your LinkedIn profiles eventually become a mere afterthought or worse, left into oblivion.

Now, that’s a total waste.

If you only know how to completely utilize your page, you’d understand that in finding your dream job, you don’t have to be running around everywhere; you just need to be on LinkedIn.

Are those eyebrows wagging in doubt?

In that case, we give you the 3 reasons why LinkedIn is so important.

  • It’s the Place To-Be to Recruit and Network

    Here are some LinkedIn statistics to mull over:

    • 1. A whopping 95% of recruiters find their job candidates on LinkedIn.
    • 2. In every minute, there are 6 people who get hired on LinkedIn.
    • 3. There are 35 million people who get hired with the connection they created on LinkedIn.
    • 4. LinkedIn is the most popular platform for B2B marketers, reported to be generating leads with around 62%.

    And if we can’t emphasize enough, LinkedIn is a great avenue to be “out there” and “be seen.”

    LinkedIn is a world-famous social network where you can create your personal brand and get introductions to people and companies that you can add to your contact list.

    This exposure increases your discoverability by companies and recruiters seeking to hire.

    Even in today’s competitive marketplace and with your less-than-stellar networking ability, you can still forge meaningful connections in your field through LinkedIn. You can think of these contacts as your personal 911 which you can dial up whenever you need to.

    Thus, we highly recommend treating your LinkedIn profile in the same manner as your resume, selling your skills and experience in the best possible way.

  • Trust and Credibility

    When you apply for a job, do you know that one of the first things an employer or a recruiter does is to look you up on Google?

    Though it’s rather elusive to rank on Google, with LinkedIn, you have powerful support to boost your standing.

    Google buys what LinkedIn offers, as a well-known professional networking platform.

    Your LinkedIn profile will act as your personal validator. Not only does your chances of ranking made possible, but you’re also building credibility and trustworthiness with your potential clients.

    Of course, you can also do this by having a personal website, but that comes with an extra cost. LinkedIn is the simplest way to create social proof without putting too much effort or money into it.

  • Job Opportunities

    There are over 58 million companies listed on LinkedIn, giving every user an enormous wealth of job opportunities.

    With a standout LinkedIn profile, you are opening up to interesting career ventures and keeping track of job postings in real time.

    Let’s say, you’re a job seeker listed as a virtual assistant French—it’s easier for potential employers to find you and be scouted for this position, even without applying for the job when you have a LinkedIn account.

    This is made possible with keyword searching and LinkedIn’s “open to work” feature, letting clients know that you’re open to work.

Tasks to Delegate to Your LinkedIn Virtual Assistant

Even the most conservative industry adheres to outsourcing, aka, legal process outsourcing, so what makes you think that running LinkedIn is any less different?

Like all things that take you to the next level, managing your LinkedIn account requires time and effort, resources that might be too costly for a business owner when there are other high-value activities that need your attention.

Thus, the right move is to hire a LinkedIn virtual assistant to take over the risky business of managing your account and growing your network.

Trust us, this online helper can give you immense support just when your business is rocking.

As such, we’ve rounded up some important LinkedIn virtual assistant jobs that you can delegate right now.

  • Running your LinkedIn Page

    To keep your page up and running, you need a LinkedIn virtual assistant to see through all the updates and promotions, making sure you maintain a positive impression and are professionally presentable.

    Consequently, this will boost your brand’s credibility.

  • Create and Publish Content

    You can treat your LinkedIn page like any other social media network as a platform driven by content.

    With a LinkedIn virtual assistant to back you up, you can create and share articles and images that are relevant to your niche and audience consistently.

    Your virtual sidekick can assist you with scheduling, posting, editing and even repurposing content. You can even ask them to add keywords and internal links for SEO to drive more traffic.

    And if you’re running short on creative juice, your LinkedIn VA can also help in coming up with innovative ideas.

  • Finding and Building Connections

    To whom do you want to connect?

    One of the best uses of LinkedIn is finding connections. However, this tedious task takes time, so if you don’t have a moment to spare, you can always let a LinkedIn virtual assistant do it for you.

    Just be sure to map out a criteria profile for your VAs to work with, and they’ll successfully find your target connection.

    They will reach out to them with a formal introduction using a well-made personal script. Inversely, your LinkedIn virtual assistant will also review and filter out requests that you get from others, aligning you only with the right network.

    This is where networking prospers, finding groups with the same interest and joining them. It’s a valuable move that gets you the connection you need with potential clients.

  • Running Campaigns

    Do you know that there are more than 134 million people who actively use LinkedIn in a day?

    That’s tons of millions to just blatantly ignore. This sort of traffic and popularity is a great advertising cue for businesses.

    And who else can help entrepreneurs run these campaigns effectively but a LinkedIn virtual assistant?

    Highly equipped and experienced, these outsourced workers can do thorough research to help you develop and optimize promotional campaigns that’ll nurture your lead generation.

  • Engaging with your Audience

    Interactions make your audience feel valued and important. It creates a positive loop that brings rich meaning to your content, tailoring more opportunities in the form of partnerships.

    But to achieve that, you’re going to have to reach out proactively to the online masses. In this aspect, a LinkedIn virtual assistant can make magic.

    They can write comments, reply to some, share posts and extend appreciation. These engagements will amplify your online visibility and contrive beneficial new relationships.

Do It With A LinkedIn Virtual Assistant!

Just like how you decide between a virtual assistant vs executive assistant when hiring, you need to weigh in the factors before committing to a LinkedIn virtual assistant.

But if your goal is to connect, connect, connect and generate leads, then you’ll do more than dream about success with a LinkedIn virtual assistant.

With their capable hands on deck, you have a better shot at nabbing opportunities and even creating some for yourself.

So, think beyond and learn to delegate; work with a LinkedIn virtual assistant.