Developing Your Business: What Added Value Can a Digital Marketing Assistant Bring?

What Added Value Can a Digital Marketing Assistant Bring?

Every company needs some good old marketing to get some exposure.

But marketing is a full gamut of functions positioned to persuade customers, build a reputation and maintain relevance.

That’s tons of work, requiring attention, time, and a truckload of expertise.

You can always do your marketing, but if your firm’s sales vitality is at risk, you need strong hands on deck!

And the best-added value that you can bring to the worktable right now, is a digital marketing assistant.

What is a Digital Marketing Assistant?

A digital marketing assistant is a digital marketer who supports the marketing team by working on a myriad of marketing plans to multiply your customer reach.

They will carry out tasks from market research and brand promotion to development.

The role also assumes responsibilities for reading trend analytics and performance to supplement online business functions.

Other marketing assistant job description also extends to the following positions:
  • Digital marketing coordinator provides assistance with the execution of the overall marketing strategies.
  • Digital marketing executive is responsible for coaching digital marketeers and developing and implementing marketing plans.
  • Digital media coordinator handles and implements online tools necessary to enhance customer engagement.
  • Digital marketing manager job description overlooks the marketing team and all the marketing activities in that department.

Why Do You Need a Digital Marketing Assistant?

It’s the digital age!

That alone should give you obvious reasons, why hiring a digital marketing assistant is an essential piece in boosting your company’s marketing campaigns.

Everything goes through technology.

Information travels fast around the internet.

Computers and mobile phones have become an absolute necessity for social activities and most especially, e-commerce.

Still undecided? Well, we’ve gathered some amazing points to help you understand why you should hire one.

Reduced Operational Cost

The biggest advantage of working with a digital marketing assistant is all the money that you can save.

A digital marketer gets paid either on an hourly base or per project. The same work arrangement goes for a virtual receptionist.

They work on a specific task whenever you need them, mostly in a shorter tenure but with actual work done.

Additionally, almost all the tasks DMA’s do such as social media interactions, blog posts, and email campaigns are a lot cheaper than your traditional marketing.

With a marketing VA — there’s always a job arrangement that works to your advantage and is cost-efficient.

Enhanced Productivity

Working with a digital marketing assistant is like tapping into a diverse set of skilled VAs who know what they’re doing and have the confidence to take your business to the promise-land.

Since they hail from across the world, these digital marketers have different angles and viewpoints, thanks to their rich backgrounds.

So, count on them to have fresh and creative ideas and expertise on how to execute marketing campaigns successfully.

Brand Building

Starting a venture is challenging enough, without the struggles of building a brand.

So, if you aspire to grow your business into a brand name, hiring a digital marketing assistant is a great place to start.

Building brand loyalty and awareness is easier done with an expert who makes the right marketing calls through targeted campaigns and content, consistently strengthening and spreading your online presence.

Digital Marketing Assistant: All the Thing they Can Help You With

You name it, they got it!

A digital marketing assistant can support your digital marketing tasks in many ways that count.

And right now, we’re going to break down some of these important tasks, they can do so effectively.

Search Engine Optimization

If you want to get more visibility and opportunities online, then you need SEO for optimal ranking.

Search engine optimization or commonly referred to as SEO is a key mark to elevate your brand into a favorable search engine spot.

And now, thanks to digital marketing assistants, that great result is achievable.

They can work around rich keywords, and authoritative content to enhance relevancy and get your brand front and center in online searches.

All these, they can do efficiently because they’re knowledgeable on Google Analytics and understands how to adjust and where to focus your content.


Content is King! This mantra has never been truer than in the digital marketing space.

That said, the content entices people to check out your products and services, and eventually, they turn into paying customers.

A digital marketing assistant will be very handy in creating, editing, and optimizing blog posts to increase relevancy and get you on top of search engine ranking.

They take care of blogging activities, ideally in a way that can be monetized.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most powerful digital marketing tools.

It does not only improve branding but it’s also very cost-effective.

And since, people are comfortable and experienced with the different email platforms, it’s easy for them to go about it. This results in direct and faster engagement.

Of course, these are all made possible with the help of a trained digital marketing assistant who will stock up your email list, build an audience and create lead magnets.

Social Media Promotion

Did you know that there are over 4.26 billion people who are using social media globally?

That’s social media power on full display.

Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs don’t have the time to go over social media platforms to post, respond and update.

So, in order to work social media to your advantage, you need the expertise of a digital marketing assistant to do some promotion for you.

They can help you understand the market’s interest and from there, strategize engaging content to drive more traffic.

How To Find the Right Digital Marketing Assistant?

Marketing is a risky business that could enormously impact your product or services.

One move and it could make or break it!

So, to increase the probability of success, you need to find the right person to do the marketing battles for you.

Here are the qualities and requirements, you need to consider and look for in a digital marketing assistant.
  • Background in marketing and other business-related courses
  • Trained in the website and social media management
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Knowledgeable in online analytics and Google apps
  • Ability to multi-task, follow instructions and meet deadlines
  • Accustomed to new software and tools
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills

Summing Up!

As they say, your competing neighbor is only one mouse click away.

Technology has made the competition so fierce, that ignoring online marketing is throwing out possibilities and taking shots in the dark.

Don’t be last in the pack, work with a digital marketing assistant, expand your business reach and deliver quality content fast, straight to your customers.